Sometimes it feels like there are more new shoes out there for guys than anyone could know what to do with. While we definitely classify this as one of those “good problems,” it can be tough to figure out the right pair for you that will also be on trend while lasting you throughout the season. These are a few of the coolest kicks from 2015 that we think you should be rocking into the next year.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II

It’s hard to improve on a classic, but somehow Converse managed the impossible in 2015. The company redesigned its iconic Chuck Taylor All Stars and somehow managed to make the quintessential sneaker style even better. The shoe retains all of the old-school style that provided much of its popularity while adding a Lunarlon insole that is decidedly more comfortable than the older model. Somehow, these shoes not only look better but also feel better.

White Kicks

One major trend across the shoe spectrum for 2015 has been the rise of the solid white sneaker. As evidenced from the latest shoe styles out there, everyone from ASOS to Adidas to Givenchy are introducing all-white models of their most popular shoes and people are eating them up. We know what they tell you about “wearing white after Labor Day,” but a pair of clean white kicks is an essential exception to the rule and no dude should find themselves without a good pair of white kicks in 2016.

Chelsea Boots

It looked like Chelsea boots were everywhere this year, and that’s largely because they were. The versatile boot has long been popular among the fashion-forward in England, but the trend has become huge in America as well during the past 12 months. The elastic side-panels make the boots both convenient and comfortable for anyone looking to slip on some no-effort style before dashing out of the house. The Chelsea can also be dressed up or down, and it looks great with either a clean pair of jeans or a sharp-looking suit.


It’s hard to argue against a solid pair of workboots. The utilitarian style has definitely been “in” for 2015 and although the shoes can get expensive pretty quickly, you can justify it as an investment. A good pair of workboots will take care of you for years, as long as you take care of them. The classic Timberland boot is exceptionally popular thanks to its features in music videos by Justin Bieber and Drake.

Dress Shoes

Much like boots, dress shoes are coming back in a big way for guys. Whether you’re looking at Oxfords, brogues or simple loafers, a pair of dress shoes will look great with any style you throw at them and keep you looking good all season long. We particularly like the laid-back style you get with a pair of loafers and nothing feels quite as good as kicking off a pair of shoes after a long day.