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Reading this review and plotting my demise.

Reading this review and plotting my demise.


It’s going to be hard to make sarcastic comments about a movie that went out of it’s way to make sarcastic comments about itself while also kind of mocking the entire superhero genre but I will try.  I saw “Deadpool” Monday because that’s how I like to celebrate President’s Day. I laughed a lot, and also cried a little but for unrelated reasons. Check out my mostly spoiler free review below!

This movie wins starting with the opening credits which brilliantly makes fun of opening credits in general. The story starts in the present but then repeatedly pauses so that Deadpool (Played perfectly by Ryan Reynolds) can explain the events of his life that led him to become Deadpool. The events are a mix of horrifying and sexually arousing as is the entire movie. It’s narrative goes against how every other comic book movie is made which some people might find jarring and confusing.  This was totally fine for me as it’s part of it’s charm as are all the all ridiculous jokes at the expense of other comic book movies that also had to do with Ryan Reynolds. There’s a knock on Green Lantern, which is a film that you can’t knock enough. And there’s a knock on Ryan Reynolds first time playing “Deadpool” in “Wolvernine: Origins”.  I put Deadpool in quotations there because I’m not entirely sure you can accurately call whatever Reynolds played in “Wolverine: Origins” Deadpool. Him playing Deadpool in two different movies that have nothing to do with one another and take place in totally different universes should make several nerds pop a blood vessel in their skull trying to figure out the continuity if there even is one!  Back to this movie, it’s hilarious and nearly perfect until about the final quarter of the film in which it sort of falls victim to the stereotypical comic book movie climax.  In this case it’s the “Villain uses hero’s girlfriend as bait” angle. Boring and unnecessary as the villain Francis a.k.a Ajax a.k.a unstoppable British douchebag really doesn’t need to kidnap Deadpool’s girlfriend since Deadpool is coming for him anyway .  This is all because Deadpool/Wade Wilson thinks Francis can fix his face (Again, ridiculous!).  The final battle scene is kind of lacking in comparison to all the other violence throughout the film and things wrap up in a predictable fashion but I guess that’s okay. I suppose I was expecting more but that might be because the movie created such insane expectations as it went on that you expected it to top itself but it didn’t.  You will enjoy the shit out of this movie though. Oh, and don’t bring your kids. Too many stupid people seem to be doing that and then complaining about it because it’s fun to be outraged instead of just having a brain.  It’s not rated R for Radical.

Kid tested, mother offended.

Kid tested, mother offended.


My only other complaint about this movie is the use of random X-Men characters. Always been a fan of Colossus and he is used well in this film but everything he says sounds weirdly pre-recorded and unnatural almost as if he’s saying “Press play for next Colossus line.”. It’s a little awkward and he comes off more like a big Russian cartoon bear that’s full of wisdom instead of a metallic giant. The other X-Man is Negasonic Teenage Warhead who I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of but I guess all the other characters were too high profile/too expensive for this film.  Also I want to know what happened Dopinder and the dude in his trunk! That should have been the after the credits scene. Or he should get his own spinoff movie. Am I right? Oh, whoops, spoilers.  Anyway, this film captures the true spirit of the character, and yes there is a Stan Lee cameo and I’m sure Stan was like “Who the f*ck is Deadpool?” because he doesn’t seem like anyone that he would have signed off on. But also I wouldn’t be too surprised if the character was loosely based on how Stan Lee acts when he’s on a bender.

My Rating: 9/10 

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