The Major League Baseball trading deadline has come and gone. Multiple players have shifted from team to team and this always puts added stress on the players who are on the “trading block”. Did that stress get to Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto? Maybe. Votto wasn’t exactly on the trading block, but his teammate Jay Bruce was.

If you scour the world wide web for sportsbooks, you will find that the Reds aren’t exactly the favorite to win the World Series. The losing and maybe knowing that some of his teammates might be gone soon, could have caused this interaction between Votto and a young fan.

Jeez, Joey. A little harsh there buddy.

Lets fast forward a few nights later. While I totally agree with what Votto did here, it’s just something that a player should NEVER do. Yes, you want to ring the fan’s neck and let him know what an idiot he is, but you can’t put your hands on a fan.

After Votto chastised the fan, he clearly realized how much of an idiot he looked like and made a nice gesture to the fan. Check out a great synopsis and why   Votto did what he originally did.