The good people at Point 3 Basketball hooked me up with some serious gear.  I had a chance to trial their All Day Sleeveless HoodieDRYV Baller 3.0 ShortsFadeaway Long Sleeve Shooting Shirt, and the OT Sleeveless Workout Top.  To keep it real, I loved some items, liked an item, but hated one in particular.  As an added bonus, they’ve set up a special TSB exclusive promo code for 25% off. Enter promo code HOOK25 at checkout to get your discount.

I’ll break each item down individually, but here’s how I feel overall about Point 3 Basketball gear:


Quality: B+
Style: B+
Utility: B+
Value: B
Overall: B+
Overall, I like Point 3 Basketball Gear.  A few people asked me where I got it, and I told ’em to check out the site at https://www.point3basketball.com/.  The All Day Sleeveless Hoodie, DRYV Baller 3.0 Shorts, and Long Sleeve shirt were great, but  I wasn’t a fan of the Sleeveless Workout Top.
Their prices are reasonable and comparable to the big name retailers in the space.  If you’re in the market for some new basketball or workout gear, definitely give them a look.  I’ll break down the Point 3 Basketball Gear from my favorite to my least favorite in the full review.

Fadeaway Long Sleeve Shooting Shirt
This picture of the Point 3 Fadeaway Long Sleeve Shooting Shirt doesn’t do it justice.  I love this shirt.  It’s now my go-to athletic layering shirt of choice.  The cut is great, the fit is great, it’s comfortable, breathable, provides a little compression in the arms (for me at least).  It’s awesome.  It’s well worth the $35 price on point3basketball.com.  Some specifics from Point 3:

The Fadeaway is the evolution of our top-selling Shootaround long sleeve shooting shirt.  Simplified to provide ultimate comfort and wearability, the Fadeaway is made with 100% moisture-wicking stretch fabric so its great for those cold morning workouts, as a warm-up shooting shirt or for ballers who prefer long sleeves during pick-up.  Featuring ventilated heat zones across the neck and back where ballplayers sweat most, it has a scalloped hem that provides unencumbered lateral movement. Sleeves have been tailored to just the right length and tightness that lets you forget about your gear and focus on your J.

• Designed for basketball players of all ages and skill levels. Perfect for pre-game layup lines, to wear when playing pick-up, or when you’re just out on the court shooting around.
• Made from 100% moisture-wicking stretch fabric.
• Ventilated heat zones across the neck and back provide air flow where ballplayers sweat most.
• Scalloped hem provides easy, unencumbered lateral movement.
• Features a POINT 3 branded locker tag to add player name/number and “Made For
Basketball” locker loop for easy hanging to dry.
• Available in four colors. Made in Colombia, South America. Machine washable.
DRYV Baller 3.0 Shorts
The DRYV Baller 3.0 Shorts are legit.  They’re lightweight, extremely comfortable, and are the perfect basketball fit.  Have you purchased a pair of basketball short from Nike recently?  They’re terrible, unless you’re 7 feet tall or feel like dropping $45-100 on a pair of shorts that wont fit you.  The Point 3 DRYV Baller 3.0 shorts hit that sweet spot where the sit just at or above the knee, while Nike’s basketball shorts will be at your shin if you’re average height like me.  They’re extremely breathable, fit nice, and even have pockets.  Not a lot of basketball shorts have pockets.  This feature is highly underrated.  They even have zones to wipe your hands off when you’re sweating like Patrick Ewing in the 4th quarter.  At $48, they’re right up there with the other retailers basic shorts, but the quality matches or surpasses their $100 offerings.  Get yours here, and check out what Point 3 has to say about ’em:
The World’s Best Basketball Shorts just keep getting better!  The latest version of our signature item, the DRYV Baller 3.0 shorts still offer the same core benefit of strategically placed DRYV® Technology to keep your hands dry and jumper wet, but in a more tailored fit with a 9” inseam. Made from 4-way stretch lightweight moisture wicking polyester, the rise
differentials at the waist and hem provide a locked-in fit in any defensive position.  We’ve added a ventilated stretch mesh gusset in the crotch which allows for ultimate lateral flexibility.  The DRYV Baller 3.0 features reflective .3 logos and piping for some extra shine, and a silicone lined “Made for Basketball” elastic waistband keeps your shorts in place and makes sure everyone knows you’re ready to own the court in the game’s critical moments.• Features our patented DRYV® Technology Dry Hand Zones on the hip panels, providing an absorbent area to wipe your hands right on your shorts. SHORTS+TOWEL = GENIUS!
• Made from 4-way stretch moisture wicking performance fabric with a tailored fit and a 9″ inseam (size L).
• With ventilated stretch mesh on the side panels and crotch gusset for increased air flow and unlimited lateral flexibility.
• Rise differentials at the waist and hem and a silicone lined “Made for Basketball” waistband provide a locked-in fit keeping your shorts in place no matter the position.
• These shorts are for basketball players of all ages and skill levels who want to own the court in the game’s critical moments. No more unnecessary turnovers or missed shots because of sweaty hands!
• “Made for Basketball” elastic waistband is lined with silicone to stay put, as well as reflective piping and .3 logos add a touch of flash. Also extra deep pockets and a flex drawstring waistband.
• Reflective piping and .3 logos add a distinctive on-court aesthetic.
• Available in 4 colors. Machine washable. Manufactured in Colombia, South America

All Day Sleeveless Hoodie
I liked the All Day Sleeveless Hoodie.  Although it’s something I would never purchase myself (I’m more of a long sleeve hoodie guy), and my wife told me I look like I’m in a 90’s boy band, I thought the All Day Sleeveless Hoodie was legit.  It was comfortable, it was well designed, and as far as sleeveless hoodies go, looked good in my opinion.  At $58 I’m not going to buy one myself, but if you’re into sleeveless hoodies this might be the one to get.  Cop yours here, and check out the specs:

Revolutionary in design but simple in its meeting of basic player needs, the All Day Sleeveless Hoodie is your new favorite hoodie.  Just like when you know you’ve got the mismatch on the court, you can rock this hoodie on or off the court “all day.” Lightweight and versatile, it keeps your core warm while still offering full range of motion. The angled hood offers clear sightlines and peripheral vision in adverse weather conditions. Constructed of four-way stretch, moisture-resistant fabric, the All Day’s articulated side seam makes it feel like you’re barely wearing anything, and a hidden chest pocket allows you to stow your phone or other valuables.

• Designed for basketball players of all ages and skill levels. As the name says, perfect for wearing all day, whether on or off the court.
• Made from four-way stretch, moisture-resistant fabric. Articulated side seam provides freedom of movement, contoured hood allows for peripheral vision in inclement weather. Hidden chest pocket for valuables.
• Available in two colors. Made in Colombia, South America. Machine washable.

OT Sleeveless Workout Top
I’m not gonna pull any punches. I hated this thing.  It was uncomfortable, didn’t sit right on my body, and just isn’t my style, period.  It felt scratchy on my back.  I ran it through the wash 3 times (with fabric softener) and it still didn’t feel nice to the touch.  There’s also a little triangle of fabric at the front of the neck that felt weird.  Not to mention the sizing didn’t feel right.  They claim it’s loose fitting, but this was the tightest item they sent me.  To sum it up, this sleeveless shirt just wasn’t for me.  Here’s the link for purchase, but honestly, save your $28 and buy a few extra fadeaway long sleeve shooting shirts.  Specs:

We know you put in the extra time to work on your game, whether on the court, in the weight room, or on the track. Our new sleeveless workout top, the OT, is designed specifically for those moments.  The OT is equipped with POINT 3’s patented DRYV® Technology on the inside of the V-neck collar, so players can wipe sweat from their face on this shirt’s built-in towel. The scalloped hem allows for unencumbered lateral movement, and strategically placed ventilated mesh is placed in body heat zones, especially down the neck and back, where players sweat most.

• Designed for basketball players of all ages and skill levels. Perfect for that tough workout on or off the court.
• Loose-fitting garment made from 100% moisture-wicking stretch fabric.
• DRYV® fabric on inside of V-neck collar provides absorbent fabric for players to wipe sweat from their face.
• Scalloped hem provides unencumbered lateral movement.
• Ventilated mesh in strategically placed body heat zones down neck and back of garment keeps you cool and dry.
• Available in three colors. Made in Colombia, South America. Machine washable.

Point 3 has a ton of other gear worth checking out.  If you’re a trendsetter and want some cool stuff to work out or play basketball in, head over to Point3Basketball.com and get their gear in your rotation.  Don’t forget to use TSB’s exclusive promo code, HOOK25, for 25% off your order!