The good people at TEMPUS Wood Watches reached out to me and asked if I’d like to trial one of their timepieces.  I figured I’d give my Rolex a break and test drive the TEMPUS Afrikaans Men’s Zebrawood Watch.


Quality: B-
Style: A 
Value: B
Overall: B
TEMPUS Wood Watches look really nice.  They’re an eyecatcher, a conversation starter, and an overall interesting product.  The intricate details and refined looks of the TEMPUS Afrikaans Men’s Zebrawood Watch had a lot of people asking where I got it.  I told them to check out and see what they have to offer.
With that said, I don’t think I’ll be benching my Yachtmaster for the Afrikaans Zebrawood any time soon.  The watch is extremely light due to the fact that it’s made out of wood.  With that lightness comes a sense of frailty.  I felt like if the watch got wet, it would fall apart.  I’m sure it can withstand the elements to some degree, but when you have this watch on you’re not going to want to put it to the test.  I also felt like with a good whack one of the wood links would break.  Again, this watch is not for the active or clumsy.  A night out on the town or a dinner date, sure, but for those who live an active lifestyle you’ll likely want to look elsewhere.
TEMPUS Wood Watches are extremely affordable, though, as I could purchase 140 of these for what my Rolex cost.  I guess if I had such a supply of wood watches it wouldn’t matter what I did with them.  If you think this watch is cool, be sure to head over to the TEMPUS Wood Watches website and check out all of their models.  They’re not for me, but hey, I’m a bit of a watch snob.


The TEMPUS Afrikaans Men’s Zebrawood Watch comes in a nice display box.  If you’re looking for an inexpensive timepiece to give as a gift to a young man, they’ll be impressed with the presentation.  Inside the box nestled around a white pillow is the timepiece itself:


It’s very simple to set the time and date by using the dial on the side.  Chances are you’ll have to remove a few links from the watch to get it to fit.  This isn’t easy to do, I recommend bringing it to a jeweler or a department store to get it done properly.  Once you have your TEMPUS Wood Watch properly sized, it’s time to try it on.

As you can see, the watch face is a fairly decent size.  It’s actually a little larger than my Rolex, but feels like 10% of the weight.  That took a lot of getting used to.

There are no additional bells or whistles on this timepiece.  What you see is what you get.  No chronograph, alarm, etc.  Just a watch with the date and time.  With cell phones, fitness trackers, tablets and all types of other electronics people walk around with these days, you don’t really need anything else.

Overall, I liked the look of the watch, but as I mentioned in the Quick Review, it felt flimsy.  I know for sure if I wear this thing full-time like I do my Rolex, I’ll break it.  But if you’re a careful person and aren’t clumsy, the TEMPUS Wood Watch might suit you more than it suits me.