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“I said something about forgiveness, and he said that there was no such thing as forgiveness—that people just have short memories.”

True Detective is an unforgiving show. It’s look into the fractured male psyches of the two main characters really is a tough thing to watch even though you still can’t keep your eye from the television. When you also consider the cold and bleak outlook it has on the world around us, Nic Pizzolotto paints an atmosphere that is equal parts gripping and terrifying. Isn’t that telling about who we are as people?

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daytona crash

When you combine cars going 200 mph with changing weather conditions, you are bound to get loose cars and big time wrecks. The three serious wrecks at the 2014 Daytona 500 were all spectacular. The first one at lap 145 involved 12 cars, the second one at lap 194 involved 9 cars, and then during the mad dash to the finish, half the remaining field played demolition derby.
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1621913_10152218826680821_462602497_nAfter a 6 hour, 22 minute rain delay, the longest in Daytona 500 history, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. maybe the only driver smiling. 

10 years after Earnhardt captured his first victory in NASCAR’s biggest race, he was able to lead Denny Hamlin, Jeff Gordon, and Brad Keselowksi back to the start/finish line for his second Daytona 500 victory as cars were colliding behind him.

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After a six-hour rain delay at the Daytona 500, the rain will come into play again as a massive crash on lap 145 has wiped out a handful of cars in the middle of the pack. With another big storm heading in from the Gulf of Mexico only 30 miles away, this caution might be the last time drivers can attempt to make a big move. Drivers involved included in the wreck were Aric Almirola, Austin Dillon, Danica Patrick, Michael Waltrip and Paul Menard.

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Admittedly waking up late this morning having spent all week up before the crack of dawn, I got up a little late to catch the second half of the Chelsea – Everton match on CNBC sports. Little did I know, would I get treated to some action during the match…

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Rousey McMann
Ronda Rousey delivered a crippling knee to the liver of Sara McMann and KO’d her at 1:06 of the first round at UFC 170. Rousey moves to 9-0 with the victory. This is also Rousey’s first win by anything other than her trademark arm bar.

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Daniel Cormier unleashed a series of punches on Pat Cummins to TKO him at 1:19 of round one of the co-main event at UFC 170. An uppercut by Cormier singnaled the beginning of the end for Cummins, who took the fight on 10 days notice. This was Cormier’s first fight after dropping down to 205 lbs and entering the light heavyweight division.

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Mike Pyle pummeled TJ Waldburger for a good minute after landing big elbows for the TKO in round 3 at UFC 170. Referee Herb Dean took his sweet time to call the fight at 4:03 of the 3rd round. Announcer Joe Rogan was quick to call the fight (as he has done many times), and couldn’t understand why the sight wasn’t called earlier.

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Image: Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake

Reunited and it feels so good.

You know it’s going to be a good night when Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon share the airways, just as they did Friday night for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. 

Timberlake was Fallon’s lone guest and the two wasted no time getting back into the grove of things, including another amazing History of Rap segment. Check the video after the jump for the fun.

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The Miami Heat’s Lebon James was having a heck of a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight.  Midway through the 4th quarter, James made a sweet move to the basket for the monster throwdown over Serge Ibaka.  As James threw it down, he was bloodied and had to leave the game with the Heat leading by 16 points.  When James left the game, he had 33 points and 7 rebounds.

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