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“You better work, bitch.” Such a simple sentiment that translates to everything. You want a hot body? Work, bitch. You want a Maserati? Work, bitch. It may be because I’m a product of the 90s, or that I respect my elders, but I’m hearing what she’s saying, so when Miss Britney says “work, bitch,” you bow down and do it. It kind of goes without saying that she lost her shit a few years back, but no one has done a comeback like her thus far. I’m still holding out for Bynes to come out of 5150 hold and be hysterical on her own TV show again, but that may be a reach. Hey, if Britney can come back from two kids, a marriage and divorce to the biggest wangsta to ever live, a head shaving incident, and beating a car with an umbrella, anything can happen. Check out the video after the jump.

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Metallica Through The Never

Ever since I heard “Nothing Else Matters” when I was in 7th grade, Metallica has coursed through my veins. Over 20 years later, Metallica: Through The Never, made those juices flow once again.

Metallica: Through The Never, was my first IMAX 3D experience. I never really felt like spending nearly $20 to see a movie. But since I haven’t seen Metallica in concert since high school, I figured for the fraction of a concert ticket I’d give it a shot. There has been a lot of internet pub for this movie and to be honest, I was really fired up to see what a concert/movie experience would be like.
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JayZ is not an attractive guy to me, but homeboy is beautiful in the music video, excuse me, VISUAL for Holy Grail. I love that he’s calling it a visual. And that it was released exclusively on his Facebook fan page for the first 24 hours. Fuck you’s to convention left and right here.

Check out the video after the jump.
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Because how else do you celebrate the word “twerk” being added to the dictionary?

Justin Bieber is slowly (quickly) becoming irrelevant, so he pulls a parasitic move and latches on to the media healthy Miley Cyrus. Power move, you guys, and I’m not even a little mad. I am, however, mad at this song. Shit is awful. But the kind of awful that it’ll be on every radio station in two days and I’ll involuntarily know all of the words in a week. Check back with me though, because I can admit that I’ll fall victim to current musical trends and say it’s as catchy as the plague. Listen to the song after the jump:

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Miley Cyrus Twerking VMAs

I’m not one to watch MTV’s Video Music Awards, aka the VMA’s. But while cruising through the twittersphere, I was reading that Miley Cyrus was twerking on Robin Thicke. So I had to check this out.

I get the fact that Miley is about to turn 21 or something, but she had to be beyond wasted. Yeah it’s MTV, it’s an awards show, I get it. But jeez, cool out with the thirst for the “D”. A 21-year-old pop-star shouldn’t be twerking on a married man. And I hate to break it to you Miley, Robin Thicke’s wife is drop dead gorgeous. So you’ve not no chance.

Check out the video after the jump
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Justin Timberlake Jay Z Soldier Field

Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake performed at Soldier Field last night as part of their “Legends of Summer” tour, and yours truly was in attendance.  If you’re thinking of catching one of the remaining shows on their schedule and want to hear what the concert was like, continue reading.  If you don’t want any spoilers or simply don’t care what I have to say about this concert, do not read any further.   Read the rest of this entry »


There’s no denying that Kanye West is a polarizing figure in the music industry. However, whether you love to hate him or you hate to love him, there is no denying that he usually makes music that everyone will talk about whether the music itself is good or bad. That’s great for record sales  but at the end of the day, your output is a musician’s legacy so does Yeezus pass muster? The answer is a resounding Hail No.  Read the rest of this entry »

Miguel Leg Drop

As seen all over the internet (props to @bubbaprog at Deadspin for tweeting about it), Miguel delivered a flying atomic leg drop during his performance at tonight’s Billboard Music Awards, seemingly injuring at least 2 fans in the process.  One chick gets straight booted in the head with the left foot as he drops the hammer down on the other girl’s neck with his leg.  The best part?  He continued the performance as if nothing happened.  Check out the video and GIF here, with some WWF style commentary:

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