Ray Lewis will eat the heart of whoever is starting at QB for the Panthers today. The RAVENS are TSB's BEST BET of Week 11.


Unfortunately, this week we were unable to do the Thursday night Fantasy Football Podcast.  So along with TSB’s “Expert” weekly picks, I’ll also give you our Start ’em and Sit ’em for week 11.

Before we got to the weekly picks, here’s TSB’s Fantasy Football Forecast.

QB Start – Jon Kitna ( Dallas is at home against the Lions and Kitna has thrown for over 300 yds in 2 of his 3 starts.  Last week against the Giants, he threw over 20 passes 20+ yds downfield.  That’s exactly what you are looking for in your fantasy QB)  RESULT: 147 yds 3 TD, 40 rush yds 1 TD

QB Sit – Donovan McNabb (McNabb’s fat is quickly driving his fantasy stock into the ground.  Last week he was absolutely dreadful against the Eagles.  This week, it won’t get any better at the Titans.)  RESULT: 376 yds 1 TD 1 INT

RB Start – LaDainian Tomlinson (The Jets take on possibly the worst defense in the league.  The Texans will probably be struggling on offense with Matt Schaub recovering from 500 different injuries.  So look for LT to grind out yardage and find paydirt)  RESULT: 36 yds rushing, 7 rec 71 yds

RB Sit – Darren McFadden (The artist formerly known as the “Fantasy Herpie”, will face the top ranked run defense this week in the Steelers.  McFadden has been great this season, but hasn’t played a defense like this yet.  I just dont’ see him lighting up the Steel Curtin)  RESULT: 14 yds rushing, 2 rec 16 yds

WR Start – Jeremy Maclin (With the way Mike Vick is playing these days, Maclin is a must start #2 WR.  I especially like him this week against a real bad Giants secondary.  Dez Bryant’s blazing speed got behind the suspect secondary all game and lit them up.)  RESULT:  9rec 120 yds

WR Sit – Steve Smith Carolina (I think it’s about time to stick a fork in him as a fantasy player.  The Panthers are on their 13th QB this season, and Steve Smith is essentially useless.  This week the Panthers are taking on the Ravens.  Steve Smith will have 3 catches for 22 yards.) RESULT: 4 rec 46 yds

Last Week I went 7-6 to take the overall record to .500 at 50-50-1 on the season.  “Fortunately” I lost my Best Bet and fall to 3-5 on the season.  There are no more byes this year, but we’ll have Thursday night football from here on out.  I will not be picking that game each week.


Raiders @ Steelers (-7.5)

This is a ton of points for the Steelers to be laying against a red-hot Raiders team, but I still am not buying into the Raiders going on the road and hanging with the Steelers.  PICK: Steelers  RESULT: WIN

Texans @ Jets (-6.5)

The Jets just keep winning games.  They keep playing close ones.  But not this one.  Matt Schaub’s Elbow/knee/hang nail is bothering him.  PICK: Jets  RESULT: LOSS

Ravens (-11) @ Panthers

Charlie St Cloud and his dead brother are playing QB for the Panthers this week.  I think you need an actual person to play QB in this league. Ray Lewis is going to eat Charlie St. Cloud’s heart this week.  BEST BET PICK: Ravens  RESULT: WIN

Redskins @ Titans (-7)

The Skins are coming off a home thrashing by the Eagles and Donovan McNabb has gotten progressively worse as the season has gone on.  The Titans D and Chris Johnson will be too much for the Skins. PICK: Titans  RESULT: LOSS

Lions @ Cowboys (-6.5)

Woah, woah, woah.  Ok, I know the Boys looked real good against the Giants last week, but let’ s not forget that they are still 2-7, just like the Lions.   6.5 points is just too much.  Still, the Lions own the longest road losing streak in NFL history (25 games and counting), but they are in every game.  I like the Boys to win, just not to cover.  PICK: Lions RESULT: LOSS

Packers (-3) @ Vikings

I hate picking road favorites in rivalry games, but everywhere you look in this matchup, the Packers are favored except running back.  And Brad Childress/Brett Favre are too dumb to realize that AP is their only shot.  I like the Pack this week. PICK: Packers  RESULT: WIN

Bills @ Bengals (-5.5)

The Bills are coming off their 1st win of the season and are probably feeling pretty good about it.  They have played real hard all season and have been in essentially every game.  And today, Carson Palmer is going to give them every opportunity to stay in the game with turnovers.  I really like the Bills getting the points today. PICK: Bills  RESULT: WIN

Browns @ Jags (-2.5)

The Browns are another one of those teams that show up every week.  In their last 3 games they’ve won @ New Orleans, home against the Patriots, and lost with 12 seconds in OT at home against the Jets.  The squad can play with anyone.  Take the points here.  PICK: Browns  RESULT: LOSS

Cards @ Chiefs (-7)

The Chiefs have not been playing crisp football lately.  That showed last week in their whoopin’ at the Broncos.  Todd Haley was PISSED last week when he thought that Josh McDaniels was running up the score on them.  I think he’ll look to run the score up on the Cards if he can. PICK: Chiefs  RESULT: WIN


Seahawks @ Saints (-11.5)

Ugh, I hate this game.  On one hand, I think the Seahawks can play some D and keep it close.  But on the other hand, I think with Reggie Bush back, and with Drew Brees looking like he’s starting to get back to Super Bowl form, the Saints could go crazy and light the scoreboard up.  Since I’m not sure, I’ll take the 11.5. PICK: Seahawks  RESULT: LOSS

Falcons (-3) @ Rams

Two dome teams, that can essentially only win the a dome.  Hmmmm, talent is going to win over here.  Matty Ice is playing great.  I have to take the Falcons to move to an NFC best 8-2.  PICK: Falcons  RESULT: WIN

Bucs @ 49ers (-3.5)

The 49ers are starting to finally play some good ball, winning 3 of their last 4.  But the Bucs have been real good on the road so far this season, going 3-1.  I like the Bucs getting the points here.  That extra 1/2 point could be big.  PICK: Bucs RESULT: WIN

Colts @ Pats (-4)

Classic rivalry game that has just slipped into the dreaded 4-5.5 point spread area.  I liked the Pats when it was 3.  But 4 is too many for me.  I never want to give Peyton Manning points.  That came into play 2 weeks ago when the Colts back-door covered against the Eagles. PICK: Colts RESULT: WIN


Giants @ Eagles (-3)

OK, I’m going to fall into the Eagles hype-trap.  The way Vick played last week was incredible.  I really think that he’s going to give the Giants slow linebackers and suspect corners, all they can handle.  The Giants pass-rush is going to have to worry more about containing Vick, than sacking him.  If the G-men let Jon Kitna light them up last week, I can’t imagine what Vick is going to do to them this week. PICK: Eagles RESULT: WIN


Broncos @ Chargers (-9.5)

2 offensive powerhouses, but only 1 can play defense.  The Cargers are somehow in the top 5 in offense and defense, but are 4-5.  That’s because their special teams are abysmal.  If they can just avoid a special teams disaster, they should pummel the Broncos. PICK: Chargers