From here on out Earl and I will be giving you our NFL picks vs the spread.  We’ll be keeping score throughout the rest of the season to see who’s got the juice now, man.  Being TSB’s top NFL analyst you’ll see my picks first, followed by Earl’s.  We’ll be covering every game and will be sure to highlight our best bets every week in bold.

Dallas -1.5 VS Detroit

Jacksonville +7 VS New Orleans

San Francisco +9 @ Philadelphia

Washington -1.5 @ St Louis

Cleveland -1 VS Tennessee

Buffalo -3 @ Cincinnatti

Kansas City +1.5 VS Minnesota

Carolina +6.5 @ Chicago

Houston -3.5 VS Pittsburgh

Atlanta -4.5 @ Seattle

NYG -1.5 @ Arizona

San Diego -7 VS Miami

Green Bay -12.5 VS Denver

New England -4.5 @ Oakland

NYJ +3.5 @ Baltimore

Tampa Bay -10 VS Indianapolis

While lines are subject to change, these are the picks I’m locking in.  I feel most confident with ATL @ SEA.  While the dirty birds sit at 1-2, the Seahawks are one of the NFL’s worst teams.  I’m expecting a blow out.

You’re up Earl, let’s see what you’ve got.


OK Hook…It’s on like Donkey Kong!

Dallas -1.5 vs Detroit

New Orleans -7 @ Jacksonville

San Fran +9 @ Philly

St. Louis +1.5 vs Washington

Cleveland -1 vs Tennessee

Buffalo -3 @ Cincinnati

Minnesota -1.5 @ Kansas City

Pittsburgh +3.5 @ Houston

Atlanta -4.5 @ Seattle

Arizona +1.5 vs Giants

San Diego -7 vs Miami

Green Bay -12.5 vs Denver

New England -4.5 @ Oakland

Jets +3.5 @ Baltimore

Indianapolis +10 @ Tampa Bay

Lock it up right now.  Drew Brees and the Saints are going to march into Jacksonville and lay a world of hurt on Blaine Gabbert.  The Saints make bad QB’s look REAL bad.  Sorry Mr. Gabbert.  Jacksonville can’t score any points, and to hang with the Saints, you gotta score at least 21.  We all know that ain’t happening.  I’m picking a 31-10 rout.