TSB’s favorite show has returned for its much anticipated second season. AMC’s ” The Walking Dead” is BACK!  And apparently the rest of the world agrees with us.   The episode received 7.3 million viewers, making it the most watched drama in the history of cable television.

What’s better than the season finale of Breaking Bad followed by the new Walking Dead?  As far as TV goes…nothing.

Season 1 left off with the crew heading out of Atlanta, but where?  We learn that they are headed to Fort Benning.  It’s 125 miles from” Hotlanta” to Fort Benning, so the crew better be ready.

Rick, Lori, Carol, Sophia, Carl, Andrea, Dale, Daryl, Shane, T-Dog and Glenn embark on their journey.

In typical “horror movie” luck, the group encounters a big traffic jam on the highway and the RV’s radiator blows. With hundreds of abandoned vehicles and dead bodies around, the group is forced to get out and check out the situation.  While scoping out the area, Rick sees a walker and puts him in his sights.  As he loads the chamber for a headshot, another walker appears.  It’s go time.  Rick alerts everyone and they all try to hide from the horde that is approaching.  They all scramble and dive under the cars.  Unfortunately for T-Dog, and the group, he slices his arm on a piece of metals sticking out from one of the cars.  Spewing blood everywhere, he leaves a trail of blood that lures the horde right towards everyone.

While this is all going on outside, Andrea is inside the RV attempting to clean her gun. With parts all sprawled out on the table, she sees the horde coming and hides in the bathroom.  She attempts to put the gun back together while in there, but makes too much noise and a walker tries to get her.  While struggling to keep him out, Dale rips open the fan vent above her and tosses down a screwdriver.  Andrea records the 1st kill of the season with a screwdriver through the eyes and it’s not a clean kill by any stretch of the imagination.

While everyone is hiding, little Sophia attracts two walkers and she books into the woods.   As the walkers go after her, Rick takes off to help her.  While trying to lure the walkers away, Rick has Sophia hide under an embankment along a river.  He specifically tells her to stay there and if he doesn’t come back, to run for the highway with the sun over he left shoulder.  Needless to say, you knew there was no shot she’d be there when he came back.

After Rick takes care of the two walkers with a massive rock, he comes back to the embankment to find Sophia missing.  Rick and Daryl search throughout the night for her but don’t find her.  They come across a walker and in the most gory scene of the week, gut him and empty his innards to see if he has eaten Sophia.  He didn’t and the search continues on.

Throughout the episode we continue the storyline of the Love Triangle between Rick, Lori and Shane and the resentment Andrea has towards Dale for saving her from the blast at the CDC.  Shane’s childish “oh poor me” act is growing tiresome as he tells Lori of his plans to leave the group. Andrea overhears the conversation and asks him to consider taking her along with him.

The conversation that Andrea overhears takes place outside a church that the group went to when they heard a church bell ringing. While the group was searching for Sophia, they hear the bells and follow the sound.  They come across the church and think she might be in there.  As Rick enters, there are 3 walkers sitting in the pews.  Naturally, 3 solid head shots take care of the Walkers and cue the “can god save us/can you forgive me for my sins” bullshit starts.  Totally unnecessary if you ask me.

The group decides Rick and Shane will continue to look for Sophia with the few hours of daylight remaining.  Carl asks to come along, and Lori tells him he can go.  As they are walking in the woods, they come upon a deer who is grazing.  Carl starts to walk towards the deer who seems not to mind him.  As Carl gets just steps away from the deer, a shot rings out and rips through the deer.  Unfortunately the shot also tears into Carl.

Will Carl survive?  Will they find Sophia?  Will Rick leave the group?

I can’t wait to find out next week.