Now, admittedly, my expectations for Sharknado weren’t high.  It’s a good thing, because Sharknado was about as terrible as you’d think, but in the greatest way possible.  You’ll notice a few characters, mainly Steve from ‘90210’, Tara Reid and the Dad from ‘Home Alone’.  Add a hot brunette and an Australian surfer dude who says ‘mate’ all the time and you have yourself a potential blockbuster.

Check out this awesome trailer…

The plotline was intense: A hurricane that’s bearing down on LA, that morphs into a tornado, picking up all the sharks in sight, and causing terror on the city of angels.  Perhaps the only thing worse than the acting in the movie are the graphics. A mix of cheesy computer animation and stock footage from National Geographic, the film makers are able to strike fear in the viewers’ hearts.

The movie delivers some epic scenes.  The highlight is a pool full of sharks that overflows into a house where a guy gets eaten alive limb by limb.  SyFy really pushed the limits with this scene, and probably banked on no one watching, because you saw body parts and bones floating all over the place.

I was amazed that Tara Reid’s looks didn’t scare the sharks away, boy she hasn’t aged well, especially not in HD.  Long gone is the Tara Reid that melted everyone’s heart in ‘American Pie’.  We are only left with a heartless, dried up actress.

Steve was obviously the hero.  Yes, I know his name in the movie wasn’t Steve, but I can’t get the image of Steve Sanders roaming West Beverly High out of my brain.  A washed up surfer turned dead beat dad who’s faced with saving his family, instant classic. Surprisingly, he’s quite nimble with a chain saw.

The highlight of this movie was, in fact, not the movie at all, but America’s twitter reactions.  It seemed like everyone was watching, and it was trending before it even aired.  I can confidently say America was satisfied.  I fully expect it to have a huge rating, right on par with a key MLS game.

All in all…I give it 3 shark fins out of a possible 5. It was bad enough to keep you watching.  You didn’t want to miss anything, and I guarantee everyone will be talking about it at work.

Stay tuned for my full recap, I didn’t want to ruin it for anyone who missed it!