If I were a gambling man, I would have been a rich man after last week.  4 games.  All 4 correct.  Now, I’m not going to puff out my chest just yet, because this is the NFL and everyone knows that the unexpected always happens.

Wild Card Weekend Results

Scott aka “Earl” (@ttlsportsblog) 4-0 (doubted Tebow’s will to win)

Chris aka “Hook” (@HookTSB) 3-1 (picked all the winners)

Connor (@CJScutts) 1-3 (2-2 winners)

New Orleans -3.5 @ San Francisco

@ttlsportsblog – I’ve been burned all year by San Fran.  And boy do I want them to prove me right this weekend.  I’ve thought they are a mediocre team that’s gotten by on a solid defense.  Bottom line is that you need to be able to score in this league. When you have a QB who hasn’t thrown for over 300yds in a single game this year, you obviously can’t get behind early.  I just don’t see the 49ers putting up 28 or so points on offense.  BUT……I do see them making a big defensive or special teams play that will make this game close.  The Saints on grass will be slowed down, but that just means that Brees will be throwing the short ball all game and at a 75% clip.  I like the Saints to win, but not cover.  27-24 Saints win on a last-minute FG.

@HookTSB – San Francisco had an excellent year.  Their defense was top-notch and Alex Smith did enough not to lose games.  Their biggest wins during the regular season were Philly, NYG and Pittsburgh.  They lost to their 2 other quality opponents in Dallas and Baltimore, and dropped a 3rd to the lowly Cardinals.  They haven’t played a team like the Saints all year.  Drew Brees is rolling right now.  If his public image was more religious and less family-man, we’d all be calling him Breesus.  Saints -3.5 could be the easiest call of the weekend, I’m thinking blow-out city 38-21.

@CJScutts – There’s no doubt that the 49ers’ defense is great, but the Saints offense is better. They will slow them down, New Orleans won’t be putting up their customary 40 points but they definitely won’t be stopped. San Francisco also have the unfortunate habit of settling for field goals in the red zone. That won’t be good enough if they want to keep up with Brees and co…I’ll go with a 20-13 win for New Orleans .

Denver +13.5 @ New England

@ttlsportsblog –  Tebow, schmeebow.  It was really cute how Chris wore his “Messiah” jersey out to watch the game last week, and he came through.  But not this week.  There’s NO WAY IN HELL (you like that…the opposite of heaven), CPT. Hoodie and Tom Brady allow this clown to stay close.  Remember week 14 when the Broncos got out to that 16-7 2nd quarter lead at Mile High?  Yea that was sweet, wasn’t it?  Then came 27 straight points from the Pats.  13.5 pts is a lot of points, but this is the Pats.  They don’t care how much time is left and what the score is.  They will run the score up to prove a point.  Pats in a blowout.  42-17.

@HookTSB – Expect to see a repeat of the smackdown Bill Belichick and the Patriots put on the Broncos in Denver at the close of the regular season.  I’m TSB’s biggest Mile High Messiah fan, but not even the Lord himself can save Denver from defeat this week.  This will be a great learning experience for Tebow, but I don’t see any miracles happening this time around.  The Patriots win 35-17 as Tom Brady reminds everyone who the best QB in the NFL is.

@CJScutts – I’m right back in the front seat on the Tebow bandwagon after the Pittsburgh game, and what’s more, there are reasons to believe that they can do it again. That New England defense really is awful and I’m confident that the Broncos will put up points but surely they can’t do it again…can they? I’m going to say that Tebow pulls out another great 4th quarter drive to force another overtime vs elite opposition, but this time it’s Brady, not Tebow who puts the ball in the endzone and Denver out of the playoffs with a final score of 33-27.

Houston +8 @ Baltimore

@ttlsportsblog – This is such an intriguing matchup.  Both teams have outstanding defenses and running games.  When two teams are so similar, I look at 2 things.  #1 who has the better QB?  In this case I’ll say Flacco just because we have a much bigger sample size on him.  Yeah, he’s got a real mediocre careert stat line, but he’s been in the playoffs before and has won some games.  I just don’t think TJ Yates has ever faced a crowd like he will in Baltimore, during his days at UNC.  #2 Is there a distinct home field advantage?  In this case, absolutely.  The Ravens are 18-1 in their last 19 home games.  Playing in Baltimore is like going to the Black Hole.  The fans are incredible there and will make it nearly impossible for Yates to communicate.  In a low scoring affair, I like the Texans to cover, but fall short 20-14.

@HookTSB – I think Ray Rice is the man.  He’s from New Rochelle, a town in Westchester very close to where I grew up.  He puts up great stats.  He cares about his fans.  He’s the antithesis of his QB, Bert Joe Flacco.  Flacco chokes in big games again, and again, and again.  I don’t see why this one will be any different.  Houston not only covers, they win 24-21.

Separated at birth?

@CJScutts – These teams are well matched. It really comes down to who makes the plays on the day. Joe Flacco at home, and the rookie T J Yates away from home makes me think Baltimore will win, but I just have a gut feeling that Houston will pull this one out. 27-20 Houston win

Giants +7.5 @ Green Bay

@ttlsportsblog – If I have to hear “Yuh know, dis is just like duh two towzin seven team ” one more time, I’m gonna kill someone.  News flash Giants fans…IT’S NOT.  In 2007 you had an absolutely devastating running game.  This year you were ranked 32nd out of 32 teams.  That’s dead last.  Sure JPP is the new “freak”, but once Justin Tuck falls down and hurts something again, JPP will be double teamed and rendered useless.  The Giants secondary couldn’t cover Stephen Hawking. What makes you think anyone is stopping Jennings, Nelson, Jones and company?  When was the last time the Giants covered a tight end?  Jermichael Finley is going to have a big game.  Yes, the Giants are going to score some points, but not enough to win.  I will give them this….a cover.  31-27 Packers win.

@HookTSB – You down with JPP? Yea you know me!  Jason Pierre-Paul said the Giants were going to win this game, 100%.  By win, I think he meant cover.  If this game was in the Meadowlands I’d give the G-Men a fighting chance to come out victorious.  They’re headed to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin and Aaron Rodgers is very well rested.  Expect the fantasy football MVP to put on a virtuoso performance in a win, but barely not covering.  Packers win 28-21.

@CJScutts – A few weeks ago I’d have said that the Giants wouldn’t stand a chance, but now after putting a string of great performances together, I see this as the weeks highlight match. An injury hit Green Bay offensive line vs arguably the leagues best defensive line could be the deciding aspect of this game. Look for plenty of screens from the Packers as they look to counter that. Besides, Aaron Rodgers isn’t too bad either. The Giants have a great front 7, but their secondary is far from great and that’s what will eventually lead to their downfall. 37 – 30 GB win.