This past weekend I was in Orlando for one of my girlfriends friends wedding. Lebron must not have been the only one to take his talents to Florida because there were enough honeys there for Wilt Chamberlain to get his, have seconds, and everyone else get a taste too (note: I do not partake in these sort of shenanigans since I have a wonderful and loving girlfriend but instead relay this information on to you for the sake of being a man). This gave me a great opportunity to take the temperature of the Magic fan base that just lost their star center to the Los Angeles Lakers in a manner that was salacious enough for a Lifetime made for TV movie starting DJ Tanner from Full House and Rob Lowe. Right now the fans optimism for the team hovers around zero, they aren’t looking forward to this season, and they detest Dwight Howard like he just called DirecTV and had them eliminate the Red Zone channel only in their market. This Dwight Coward jersey (above) pretty much sums up the entire city’s feelings towards him right now.

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