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Not many upsets in Week 8, but there were plenty of nail biters and shake-ups along the BCS Top 25 rankings. The favorite, Alabama, remains atop the rankings for the 8th straight week. Surprises Kansas State and Oregon State continue to roll and climb their way into contention. Look for the trends to remain as there won’t be many upsets in this week’s matchups—but I’m calling a couple of BIG ones.

Teams noted in BOLD are my picks in the matchups for Week 9.

No. 18 CLEMSON @ Wake Forest

When was the last time Wake Forest was seriously relevant in football?! Clemson hung with a highly ranked Florida State team, while Wake Forest couldn’t even score a single point against them. Clemson on this Thursday night game.

Cincinnati @ No. 16 Louisville

Cincy was ranked a lot higher than they should have been, considering their weak schedule. Louisville rolls at home through the air and continues to knock Cincinnati further down the totem pole.


“Ah, Don’t think so.”

Tennessee @ No. 13 South Carolina

            Gamecocks are coming off a big loss to #2 Florida. Hopefully they had their journals out and took notes ‘cuz the Gators were putting on a clinic. Look for them to bounce back this week with that chip on their shoulder.

Colorado @ No. 4 Oregon

How can you hate those uniforms?! Yes, you’re right, it would be much cooler if Chip Kelly developed an offense called the “Neon Green Flying “V”. They’ll most definitely get it done at home, and with style.


Quack, Quack, Quack…

No. 2 Florida vs. No. 10 Georgia

Florida has earned my respect more and more each week. With big wins in their tough schedule against Texas A & M, Tennessee, LSU, and South Carolina, look for them to continue rolling. Sorry ‘Dawgs.

No. 14 Texas Tech @ No. 3 Kansas State

            Texas Tech has had a phenomenal passing game thus far, but K-State will lean heavily on the legs of their own Heisman candidate, QB Klein—Klein had 4 TD’s on the ground last week. Going to be a battle of the Quarterbacks, one in the air, the other on the ground. Expect to see a shootout.


“Just Block.”

No. 9 USC @ Arizona

Two words: Matt Barkley. Coming off an almost perfect week against Colorado, going 19-for-20 in the air with 6 TD’s. Expect another big performance, maybe not quite as spectacular, but he’s most likely your next 1st overall draft pick.

Duke @ No. 12 Florida State

            Unless Mike Krzyzewski starts coaching and recruiting for Duke football, they’re not going to do anything against big football programs like Florida State.


Kent State @ No. 15 Rutgers

            This game needs no explanation. Hopefully its alumni night so Josh Cribbs and Antonio Gates can come give them a chance in hell. Rutgers by a bundle.


No. 21 Boise State @ Wyoming

Wyoming in Week 9?! Really?! Come on, Boise State. Get a real schedule and maybe you’ll get a little more respect. No blue field for this one, but it’ll feel like they’re playing at home.

Washington State @ No. 17 Stanford

            Stanford has had a huge win against USC and an overtime nail biter against Notre Dame. They don’t have Andrew Luck anymore, but it doesn’t look like they need him to be a contender. Cardinals with the win.




No. 20 Texas A & M @ Auburn

Auburn is struggling about as much as Cam Newton this season. A & M’s only losses of the season are against two teams in the Top 6 of the BCS rankings, Florida and LSU—and they were close ones. Tack on another “L” in the column for Auburn.

No. 5 Notre Dame @ No. 8 Oklahoma

            Upset of the week. Oklahoma has a balanced offense that can rack up points in bunches. Look for them to expose holes in the Notre Dame defense while they have the advantage of playing at home in rowdy Oklahoma Memorial Stadium during primetime. Brian Kelly isn’t going to be smiling after this game.


So Close…

No. 11 Mississippi State @ No. 1 Alabama

#1 ranked Alabama will continue to steamroll the competition. Coach Nick Saban has a squad that proves their contention week after week. The battle in the South is going to turn into a rout and question whether or not Mississippi State should be in the Top 20.


No. 7 Oregon State @ Washington

Oregon State continues their aggressive passing attack and strong defense. They’ll keep the trend alive in beating the Huskies.


No. 24 Ohio @ Miami (OH)

And the award for irrelevant MAC game of the week goes to…

No. 22 Michigan @ Nebraska

Both teams have strong rushing attacks, but only Michigan has a strong defense to match. Denard Robinson needs to continue to carry the load and hopefully hang on to the football. Get up and “Hail to the Victors” because ‘Shoelace’ is bringin’ the “W” back home to Ann Arbor.


*Insert WOOP sound here*

No. 23 Texas @ Kansas

Unless Charlie Weis goes out there and plays on the O-Line, I can’t see an upset occurring. (Even if he did, it wouldn’t. I just would be obligated to pick them ‘cuz I’d totally pay to see that.) Hook ‘em Horns.

Michigan State @ No. 25 Wisconsin

Sure, Michigan State has been struggling since nearing the Top 10, but they’re going to Wisconsin with a chip on their shoulder after losing a heartbreaker to Michigan. They’ll have to rely heavily on HB Bell for a solid workload and their defense to step up, but I see it happening.


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