J-E-T-S; Just Ended The Season

December 18, 2012 by
Mark Sanchez

A site all too familiar to Jets fans.

If we win out, there’s a chance we can make the playoffs. Just look at how easy that schedule is.

That was the mantra that Jets Nation was going with for the past 3 weeks. At 4-7 the Jets still had a shot to make the playoffs.

They needed a little help, but it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility. In week 13, the Jets managed to win the “Futility Bowl” against the Cardinals after Mark Sanchez was lifted in favor of 3rd string QB, Greg McElroy. With 4:48 left in the third quarter and trailing 6-0, it was McElroy who got the call. Fans chanted “Mc-El-Roy!” throughout the first three quarters as Sanchez went 10 of 21 for 97 yards and three interceptions. McElroy immediately moved the ball down the field for the Jets only score of the game, a 2 yard TD pass, that proved to be the game winning drive.

But even after his benching, Sanchez was given the starting job back and responded with completing 12 of 19 passes for a monstrous 111 yds against the Jaguars in a 17-10 win. Once again, the Jets ground game out gained the passing attack. So now the Jets are set up for a Monday night showdown in Tennessee where they can get back to the .500 mark and become a real contender for that last playoff spot in the AFC. Even though the entire football world knows how god awful this team really is.

The Jets held a 3-0 lead after the first quarter in typical fashion. They blocked a field goal attempt on the Titans first drive and then couldn’t turn it into 7 points and settled for only 3. After pinning the Titans inside their own 10 yard line after a punt, here’s the type of play that has just killed the Jets all year (aside from a Sanchez turnover).

Johnson was barely even touched. I think one of the lineman swiped his arm. That’s about it. But hey, just like every other big play against the Jets this year, “take out that 94 yard TD run, we only allowed 28 yards rushing on 20 carries.” That’s all fine and dandy, but those plays count. That’s why you are a mediocre to bad football team. These things happen week in and week out. Now, the Jets were only down 7-3 at that point, but 7-3 is essentially 37-3 with this offense. After a big TD run that has taken a little wind out of your sails, I’m sure Rex Ryan would do what any other coach would do. Bring in Tim Tebow? Yeah, that right, break out the wildcat baby! The last time that thing worked, Tony Sporano had a head coaching job. Zing! Granted, the first two plays went for 11 and 12 yards respectively, but enough is enough. And it was. Back to the bench Messiah.

Aaaaaaannnnd cue the clown music!….

There’s the Jets season in one truly pathetic sequence. Thanks to the boys over a The Big Lead for this great video.

The Jets season has officially ended with that pathetic display of quarterback play. But the truth of the matter is that it’s not all Sanchez’s “fault”. Has he been the one turning the ball over 50 time since 2009? Yes. But when you are being groomed for failure, how much blame can really be put on you? Does this kid have talent? Sure, you see small glimpses there. But the GM, head coach, and owner must all be held accountable for what has transpired here. How can a kid be allowed to regress to this point, when most athletes, and more importantly quarterbacks, blossom in their 4th season? This is when Sanchez should have been starting his athletic prime. Not Sanchez though. That’s because the Jets brain trust brings in multi-million dollar side shows and overpaid defensive players.

Don’t you trade up to the #5 spot overall and draft a quarterback to build around him? That’s what puzzles so many Jets fans and I don’t blame them. There’s no way any team next year will trade for Sanchez. In 2013 he will receive a fully guaranteed $8.25 million base salary plus bonuses, and will count $17 million against the cap! If they can’t trade him or release him, the only thing left to do is get rid of the guy who’s not helping him. General Manager Mike Tannenbaum.

The old saying is “Shit always runs downhill”. “Mr. T” is the biggest turd in this equation.

UPDATE: ***The New York Jets have confirmed that Greg McElroy will start next week’s game against the San Diego Chargers***