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(**SPOILER ALERT** Although we won’t go through the episode step by step, this article will contain spoilers)


Kill Count: At least  20 Walkers, possibly more

The episode started off with a flashback to the days of Andrea and Michonne on the road, and we learn the origin of the armless, jawless walkers.  Flash to the Governor setting up his perverted torture chamber and we have a decent start to make up for last week’s snoozer of an episode.

Apparently Milton’s balls have dropped, as he’s becoming less of a “yes man” to the Governor.  He tries to talk some sense into him, saying he should just leave the people in the prison and Michonne alone, but the Governor isn’t hearing it.  He plans on torturing Michonne and killing the rest of them when they meet tomorrow.

Milton clues Andrea in on the Governors plans, and she’s finally clearly made up her mind that she belongs with Rick and the gang.  She has a chance to pop a cap in the Governor, but Milton stops her.  He still feels loyalty to the sick pervert I guess, so maybe he hasn’t fully grown a set just yet.  He tells Andrea to warn the prison group, and that’s what she sets out to do.

Tyrese and his sister are at the wall gunning down walkers in what is the most hilarious display of gunman-ship I’ve ever seen.  Ty has a sniper rifle with a scope and it takes him like 5 shots to take down 1 walker.  I guess it makes sense why he usually carries a hammer instead of a piece.  Much harder to miss with the hammer up close.

Tyrese Can't Shoot

After talking Tyrese and his sister into letting her go, Andrea takes off on foot towards the prison.  This has bad news written all over it, and shocker, the Governor is going after her.

Tyrese’s character is being heavily developed in this episode, as he’s trying to figure out if Woodbury is the right place for him and his people.  The older white dude in his group whose name escapes me right now seems to be struggling for power with Tyrese, and it’s a battle he has no chance at winning.  He tries to pick a fight with the much bigger Tyrese and almost gets fed to a pit of walkers in the process.  It’s only a matter of time til Tyrese and his sister leave Woodbury, I can feel it.

Now for some reason the Governor has started to do this whistling thing.  It reminds me of the Hunger Games tune, and makes absolutely no sense why it’s just started in this episode.  He whistled into an audio recorder, presumably to use as a method of torture, and again whistles as he has Andrea trapped in an abandoned factory.  I don’t really get it.

It’s like a game of cat and mouse in the factory, with walkers seemingly only posing a real threat to Andrea while the bad-ass Governor takes them out 1 by 1 with ease.  One walker in particular the Governor decides to mash its head in with a shovel with about 5 too many strikes.  While he’s busy making mush out of the walker’s head, Andrea is looking for a way out and opens a door that leads to a gang of more walkers.  At first it looks like she’s screwed, but she pulls the door the other way when the Governor confronts her and unleashes an undead horde on him.  The Governor is left to fend for his life as Andrea continues to make her way towards the prison.

Meanwhile someone decides to torch the pit of walkers that the Governor planned to use against Rick and his people.  At first you think it’s Tyrese, but we later find out it’s Milton.  The Governor figures out Milton did it too.  I feel the dweeb’s days are numbered.

Well, I guess it goes without saying that of course the Governor escaped the mob of zombies.  Not only did he get out alive, he caught up with Andrea right as she got to the prison.  She’s trying to wave to Rick in the tower when the Governor grabs her from behind.  It seems like Rick saw her at first, but he doesn’t trust his own eyesight from all the visions of Lori he’s been having, and does nothing to save her.  Poor Andrea, she’s in trouble.



Yup, that’s how she ends up at the end of the episode.  Tied up in the Governor’s torture chamber.  Of course the Governor tells everyone he couldn’t find her, so no one will suspect a thing when he’s having his alone time with her.  I can only imagine what sick shit he has planned for her next week.

As for next week’s episode, they showed a glimpse of Rick seeing Lori again. Ugh.  Seriously, the hallucinations have to stop.  I understand living in a post-apocalyptic zombie world is mentally taxing, but please make Rick get his shit together already.  It’s sucking the life out of the series.

That’s all we have for this week’s reaction.  Be sure to check back next week as there are 2 more episodes left in the season.


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