Charlotte Bobcats Official Facebook Page

Charlotte Bobcats Official Facebook Page

I think the Charlotte Bobcats, Hornets or whatever they are called are doing this on purpose. I mean come on, how can one franchise make so many bad decisions? Oh, that’s right Michael Jordan is in charge. There is no doubt in my mind that Jordan is the greatest basketball player to ever walk on this earth. That being said, he is pitiful when it comes to evaluating talent. The latest 1st round selection of Jordan’s, joining the star studded group including Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison and Bismack Biyombo, is Cody Zeller.

Zeller was a great player at the University of Indiana. Last season he was 1st team All-Big Ten and a second team All-American. Zeller has a fair amount of basketball talent, but with the prospects that were still on the board for the Bobcats, he was definitely not the right pick. The Bobcats took Zeller with the 4th pick ahead of Ben McLemore, Nerlens Noel, Trey Burke and Alex Len who all would have been much better picks than Zeller. Could he possibly turn out to be a solid big man in the NBA? Sure, but I am definitely not holding my breath.

Zeller is a solid player that is a legitimate 7-feet tall. He is quick for his size and has a good feel for the game of basketball. That being said, I do not think Zeller has the strength to bang with the big men of the NBA. Also, his mid range game leaves plenty to desire. So unless Zeller gets much stronger or learns to hit an outside shot, I do not see him being worth the 4th pick. I see Zeller as a classic player who dominates in college but lacks the strength to play with the big boys. He does have a shot to be a decent role player in the NBA, but with the Bobcats being so terrible, they needed more than that out of this pick.

McLemore would have given them a legitimate offensive threat as he gained experience. His elite athleticism, great three-point shooting and ability to create his own shot would have been a nice addition to the Bobcats. Noel is an elite defensive prospect who you can build your defense around. He is limited offensively, but his incredible athleticism allows him to be a great finisher.

I admit, I am higher on Burke than most, but I think that he would have been an awesome fit for the Bobcats. This guy was born to play the point guard position and will be a great leader in the NBA. While he is undersized at 6-feet tall, Burke is a great ball handler, distributor and shooter. He can create his own shot and as he showed in the NCAA tournament, he is not afraid to take the big shot. Len is definitely an unfinished product, but his potential is through the roof. He is a great rebounder, has great athletic ability for a 7-footer and can shoot the ball very well. Any of these guys would have been a much better pick than Zeller.

When it comes down to it, the Bobcats need to start taking some chances. They have been awful for a long time and are showing no signs of improvement. This was their chance to start building a solid team for the future and they blew it. Zeller may end up being a decent player, but I guarantee he does not become an All-Star and that is what the Bobcats need to be targeting.

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