Ray Allen is the best three point shooter in NBA History, period. Even at age 37 he proved that he was able to bring his clutch shooting ability to a championship team. Case in point, the shot that tied Game six, which you can see below:

As soon as the parade was over, the first thing on the Heat’s mind was “what will Ray Allen do?”

While that question still remain unanswered, Coach Spoelstra has already decided they are going to try to convince Allen to return.

“We think the ultimate recruiting pitch is what we just did,” Spoelstra said. “But we won’t take that for granted. There will certainly be communication between us and Ray. He was such an important piece of what we did. We think even if it was just that one shot, it was worth it. There were so many things that he provided. And he fit. His personality fit. His professionalism fit. He helped guys get better.”

While Allen did struggle to adjust to his new role, he admits that the shot that tied Game 6 of the NBA finals may have been the biggest moment of his illustrious career.

“There were so many moments that allowed that shot to happen,” Allen said. “I have to say that was the greatest shot I ever hit in my career.”

While there has been no indication of whether Allen will return, he did show that he enjoyed his time as a member of the Heat, even from the beginning.

“When I got here the first two weeks, it felt like I’ve been here for two or three years.”

“That’s the kind of brotherhood we have on this team, on and off the court.”

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