Bubba Watson Travelers Championship

Oh Bubba.  We’ve all been there before.  Whether you are a Sunday golfer or a seasoned pro, there comes a time when you just want to blame someone else instead of yourself when you hit a bad shot.  And that’s exactly what Bubba Watson did on Sunday in the final round of the Travelers Championship.

Bubba was leading by two strokes when he hit his tee shot on the 16th hole.  Watch the video after the jump to see how the whole scene unraveled.

Well Bubba, David Feherty is right. YOU are the one who hit the ball. YOU are the one who said, “Oh a gust of wind, GO!. When someone says that, they know they hit the right club, but the wind is going to blow the ball back. You eff’d up there Bubba. But to then go on and blame your caddy, Ted Scott, for not giving you the correct yardage from the drop area? Dude, you need your head examined. The distance is written on the yardage booklet. It’s not some super complicated formula that he needs to decipher in his head. YOU flew the ball 5 yards too far.

I had a lot of respect for Bubba before this happened, but this type of stuff doesn’t fly with me. As a former competitive golfer, I would never have the balls to berate my caddy for any reason. They are there, doing the best job that they can. If I thought I could do a better job, I’d carry the damn bag myself.

Watson eventually carded a triple-bogey six on the hole, and would finish two strokes out of a playoff. Ken Duke won the tournament on the second playoff hole over Chris Stroud. It was the 44-year-old Duke’s first-ever win on the PGA Tour.

After the round, Watson and Scott spoke to PGAtour.com’s Brian Wacker.  “I convinced him to hit the wrong club,” Scott said told Wacker. “I 100 percent take responsibility for it. It’s totally my fault. I got in the way of the painter on that one.”  Sorry Scott, but screw Bubba.  I know you are just saying the right thing to keep your job, but when your boss embarrasses you on national TV, screw him.  You are the caddy of a Major winner, plenty of other players would love to hire you as their full-time caddy.



  • Hook

    reminds me of Shooter McGavin firing his caddy in Happy Gilmore

  • James

    I thought alot of Bubba until this happen ,this just shows me what a spoiled yoyo he is , the caddy didn’t hit the darn ball Bubba did and blew it but like a spoiled kid he says it is someone else’s fault. LOST alot Respect for the man on this one

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