The Cincinnati Bengals open up training camp with A.J. Green as their number one receiver, and a battle between Mohamed Sanu, Marvin Jones, and Brandon Tate for the number two receiver spot.

Marvin Jones, the second year man out of the University of California, caught 18 passes last year for 201 yards and one touchdown. Late in the season, Bengals’ QB Andy Dalton started targeting Jones more often. Jones averaged 5.6 targets per game throughout the Bengals final 5 games, showing that Dalton trusted Jones to make some big plays in some of the biggest moments of the season.

Mohamed Sanu, the second year man out of Rutgers, caught 16 passes last season for 154 yards and four touchdowns before getting hurt in the middle of the season. Of the three candidates in this battle, Sanu is by far the most explosive.

Brandon Tate has made a name for himself in the NFL for being a punt returner, not for being a top-notch receiver. Last season, Tate caught 13 passes for 211 yards and one touchdown.

Andrew Hawkins caught 51 passes last year for the Bengals, but he is more of a slot receiver than an outside receiver.

The winner of this battle won’t necessarily be the best receiver, but rather the receiver that can draw the most attention away from A.J. Green. If the Bengals can get Green in one-on-one coverage on the outside, they’ll be able to put up a lot of points.


Sanu ends up being the Bengals number two receiver. His ability to take the top off the defense will end up forcing teams to at least give some safety help to his side, which will open up more room for Green to go to work.

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