MLB could soon see protective headgear on pitchers as soon as the 2014 season. Major League Baseball seems to be focusing on the safety of it player this offseason. First, the MLB has set up a rule about players not being able to run into catchers at home plate. That rule has yet to be clarified or implemented. Not only are they protecting catchers, but now there is a focus on protecting pitchers.

Head injuries happen to pitchers when line-drives come off players bats and hit the pitchers in the head. The pitchers have little to no time to react to the hit. Over the past few years there have been some gruesome injuries to players heads. To name a few players, J.A. Happ and Alex Cobb. Cobb was struck in the head with a line drive and received a concussion. Happ received a fracture behind his ear. Both were scary situations.

Brandon McCarthy of the Arizona Diamondback was another pitcher who suffered a head injury from a line-drive to the head as a member of the Oakland Athletics. McCarthy recently revealed that there may be protective headgear for pitchers for the 2014 season. McCarthy mentioned that this headgear will not be required by all pitchers, but it will be available to pitchers who want it. From what McCarthy revealed, he said that the protective head he is working on with a company would have prevented the injury he got in 2012 . He also talked about the look of the headgear. McCarthy said it looks “ridiculous” and that it is something that will take some getting use to.


All of this is an effort by the MLB and the players to protect it’s pitchers. The pitchers that received head injuries haven’t received anything as serious as paralysis or brain damage, but the injuries continue to happen. Even though the injuries haven’t reached that level of seriousness, I’m glad to see MLB step up before some tragic happens.