This fantasy football season has been fun, bad and heartbreaking, depending on who you asked. It doesn’t matter what happened to your team this season, we’ve all been disappointed by several players this season. Here are my top 5 fantasy football disappointments.


1. Ray Rice

Oh Ray Rice. Over the past two years he has made fantasy owners very happy. He seemed to establish himself as a top fantasy running back. He just came off a Super Bowl win. All of this seemed to spell success for Rice and the Baltimore Ravens. Not the case. The Ravens are fighting for a playoff spot, but Rice is putting up his worst numbers since 2008.


2. Aaron Rodgers

For those owners that had Aaron Rodgers fall in their lap during their drafts probably felt on top of the world. That feeling probably lasted until week 9. Rodgers broke his collarbone after being tackled against the Bears. Since then, fantasy owners have been praying for speedy recovery. Needless to say, that hasn’t happened. A 3-4 week injury turned into a month.Now, it is almost week 16 and Rodgers  remains injured. He may make a return for some teams championship week (if owners made it that far without them), but Rodgers and his week to week injury, put many fantasy owners in a tough spot and put most owners out of the playoffs.


3. Roddy White

The Atlanta Falcons have struggled, underperformed and have been a disappointment. Roddy White falls under that category of a disappointment. Injuries to White’s ankle and hamstring have plagued him all season. For a wide receiver that was an early round pick, he did not perform up to par. With only one touchdown on the season and still being hampered by injury, Roddy White has been a bust this season after his stellar 2012 season.

4. Alfred Morris

After an awesome rookie year, Alfred Morris came on the scene in fantasy football. He scored 13 touchdowns, had 7 games of +100 yards and ran for more than 1600 yards last year. He is a sure thing heading into the 2013 season right? Unfortunately, no. Just as the Redskins went, so did Morris. The Redskins struggled heavily this season and Morris’ stats suffered. The fact that Roy Hulu shared some of the carries did not help his case. Neither did his lack of involvement in the passing game.

5. Tom Brady

Brady is a winner. He has pulled off some major victories this season and has helped his team by putting them in a good position as the season comes to an end. Some people who Brady might want to consider helping are his fantasy owners. To this point he has only put up only 23 touchdowns, which puts him with names like Alex Smith and Ryan Tannehill. The injuries to his receiving core hasn’t helped Brady or his owners either.  For owners that drafted him early, they are pulling their hair out over his lack of production.

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