Michael Vick has recently signed a one-year contract with the New York Jets after spending the past five seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. Vick’s career has without a doubt had its ups and downs. In 2001 he was on top of the world as the number one overall pick, but then Vick’s career went downhill when he spent time in jail for dog fighting. At a point where his career seemed to be over, Vick returned to the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles. Once he signed with the Eagles, he did all the right things to get back to where he use to be. A starting NFL quarterback. This time he had a better work ethic and attitude, and it showed. Vick worked his way up as the starting quarterback of the Eagles until recently where injuries allowed for a young Nick Foles to take over. At this point in his career, is Vick done?

Now Michael Vick is 33 years old and has had a hard time staying on the field due to several injuries over the past few years. So the question is how much does Vick have left in the tank? In my opinion, I think that Vick has seen better days. He has the speed to match up with the best of them, but his arm isn’t what it use to be and he can not stay healthy.

Vick is back with his old offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, which is a big deal. Vick had a lot of success in Mornhinweg’s system back in Philadelphia. They both know how to work together and they know each others strengths and weaknesses. I think the offensive system will allow Vick to stay comfortable and have a good season. Unfortunately, Mornhinweg’s system will only take Vick so far. There will times where Vick extends the play too long,  turns the ball over, and yes, he will get injured at some point this coming season.

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Michael Vick will bring excitement to the New York Jets. There will be flashes of greatness, awesome runs down field and he’ll string together some wins for the Jets (when he’s healthy). The bad part about Vick (again) is that he will turn the ball over and he won’t complete a full season. I hope for the best for Vick as he begins a new journey in his career, but don’t be heart broken Jet fans when Geno Smith is back on the field by mid-season.