MTV’s The Challenge Free Agents is a game where you are pulled in every different directions. In tonight’s episode “Strike A Pose There’s Something To It”, the challenge and the emotions in the house couldn’t have been more connected.

The episode starts with this unbelievably dumb funeral procession for Devyn’s wig that was destroyed while rolling around in the sand and food last week. “Tamara” was buried in the sand in front of the entire house. It was just the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

With Jordan sent home last week, Cohutta now assumes the role of the guy the cameras are going to follow. The Cohutta and Nany relationship is a pretty bizarre one to begin with. I’m not sure how many deep south skinny white guys are hooking up with Latina chicks out there in the real world, but it’s happening here.. It’s just not something you see every day. But these two definitely have some chemistry.

So we head to the bar and we get a full dose of a Cohutta/Nany tongue bath. Nothing out of the ordinary. But back at the house, Nany decides that it will be a good idea to bang Johnny while Cohutta goes and passes out. She obviously is attracted to Johnny, but has the feeling for Cohutta. In the morning, Cohutta asks Nany if he “missed anything last night”, and she says “yeah, everyone was hooking up”. But she also admits that she hooked up with Johnny.

The Challenge tonight was called “Hold That Pose”. Two teams of seven, twenty-eight straps, seven different colors. Two separate cages are set up and each player must hold all four straps, and once all seven team members are holding the straps, the clock starts. They must stay suspended in the air for one minute. If someone touches the ground, the clock would start all over again.

Devyn – Zack, Cara, CT, Nany, Leroy, Jessica
Johnny – Laurel, Bananas, Theresa, Cohutta, Preston, Aneesa



From the beginning, Johnny’s team was just taking way too long to get set up. Instead of splitting up to get someone in the straps, the whole team did it and it took forever. Team Devyn was in perfect sync the whole time and the only thing they had to worry about was if CT could hold himself off the ground the entire minute. Which he did.

Back at the house, Nany tells Preston that she doesn’t want to make Cohutta look like an idiot and starts the water works. Of course Preston tells her everything is going to be ok, but clearly he doesn’t give a shit.

At the vote, Aneesa and Preston get selected with the unanimous vote. After the vote, Nany and Cohutta have a talk and Nany lets him know how sorry she was and yadda, yadda, yadda. Cue the water works for Nany again. Cohutta takes the bait and is back in the friend zone.

At the Draw, there are only two girls. Laurel and Nany. Laurel goes first and pulls the kill card. For the guys, Bananas goes first and draws a blank, but Cohutta goes next and pulls the kill card. The elimination game is “Oppenheimer”. This is the one where you have to run around a circular hallway, while avoiding or smashing your opponent, and ringing a bell at the end. First up was Preston vs Cohutta. I thought going into this that Preston might have a shot considering he is about a foot taller than Cohutta and might cover a little more ground with each stride. Eh, I was wrong. Cohutta won two to zero. In the girls match-up, Aneesa wanted Laurel. She wanted to truck stick her like she was playing Madden. And as expected, Aneesa spit the bit and lost two to zero. I’ll give Aneesa this, she made it closer than I thought she would.



Now on to the Fantasy Scoring for this week. For complete rules of how the scoring works, please click this link.

 @BaggyDizzle (Hasib) 35 Points

Bananas: 0

Leroy: +5 winning challenge

Nany: +5 winning challenge, +25 pulling covers over/sex  w/ Johnny, +5 kissing Nany


@NASCARKrissy (Krissy)  30 points

Aneesa: -10 losing elimination, +10 crying  ELIMINATED

Cohutta: +5 kissing Nany


Johnny: +25 sex/pulling covers over w/ Nany

 @e2winnn (Erwin) 10 Points


Cara Maria: +5 winning challenge


Jessica: +5 winning challenge

@Rozzy2810 (Rozzy) 5 Points 




Devyn: +5 winning challenge

@Mlukes14 (Mike)  5 Points

CT: +5 winning challenge




@HookTSB (Hook)  5 Points

Zack: +5 winning challenge




@EarlTSB (Earl) 0 points

Laurel: + 10 Winning elimination


Theresa:  0

Preston: -10 lost elimination ELIMINATED

I try to get these out fast as I can, so like I said before, if there are any errors in scoring or if you have an opinion on how the episode was scored, please leave it in the box below.


mtv challenge free agents week 8 standings