While it’s much easier to get 3 stars in MyTEAM Domination mode for NBA2k15 than it was in NBA2k14, If you’re reading this article you’re probably having a little difficulty with it.  I’m a big fan of what NBA2k15 did this year with Domination mode, as it becomes progressively harder to achieve as you go along.  Click “Read more of this entry” to find out how to get 3 stars every single time. 

In NBA2K15 Domination mode for MyTEAM, it’s all about taking the game to overtime.  This year, 2k has ranked the teams in order from worst to best.  In order to move on to the next team, you must win the game and get at least 1 star.  Just like last season, you can get up to 3 packs as a reward for beating your opponent, 1 for each star.  The one and 2 star packs are pretty much garbage, but that 3 star pack will have a player card from the opposing team in it, so achieving a 3 star win is of the utmost importance.

Last year in NBA2k14, it was all about performing better than the other team in every stat category, or “dominating” the game.  As long as you beat the opponent in most of the categories, you’d earn 3 stars and get all 3 packs.  What made it extremely difficult last year is that you needed to do this with all Bronze players, which was as annoying as it was frustrating.  2k dropped that requirement for NBA2k15.  Now you can stack your lineup with the best players you acquire as you climb the ladder in Domination mode.

MyTEAM Domination mode in NBA2K15 starts off incredibly easy.  You play against shitty teams and barely have to earn any MT in order to get 3 stars.  You earn MT with just about any positive basketball play.  The values I can remember off the top of my head are:

  • 6 MT: rebound, block, steal
  • 5 MT: post move score
  • 4 MT: fast break score, assist
  • 3 MT: 3 pointer made shot, dunk
  • 2 MT: layup, made shot (ie if you shoot a mid-range jumper you’ll only get 2 MT, but if you take a layup you’ll get 4 MT, 2 for the layup, 2 for the made shot.  Dunks are considered your best option for scoring as you’ll get 5 MT)
  • 1 MT: free-throw made, points scored, FG%, 3PT%, FT%.

NBA2k15 has been out a little over a month, and without playing a crazy amount I’ve managed to get 87 stars.  I’ve defeated every single team in the NBA except for the San Antonio Spurs, and still have the Eastern All-Stars, Western All-Stars, and the MT team left to beat to get all 99 stars required to complete Domination mode.  I’ve been able to get 3 stars about 95% of the games I’ve played, but now that the requirement is about 800 MT, it’s gotten much harder.  The easiest way to ensure that I get 3 stars for my next 4 matchups is by purposely letting the game go to OT.

I’ve noticed that when I score around 88+ points, I generally hit that magic 800+ MT mark.  If I’m hot and have scored around 65-70 points after 3 quarters, I don’t bother trying to go to OT and just get the win and my 3 stars and be out.  But if I’m struggling to score and haven’t racked up many dunks, I pretty much turn the ball over on purpose and keep the game tied as much as possible, and just dribble it out at the end of the 4th quarter (ALWAYS make sure you have the last possession).  No matter what the score is at the end of OT, I’ve always gained enough MT to crack 800+, so it’s all about winning once you get there.  Has this backfired on me before?  Yes.  LeBron hit a 3/4 court buzzer-beater to beat me 83-80 therefor ruining my genius OT-on-purpose strategy while wasting my time and player contracts.  But for the most part, this is the only sure-fire way to get enough MT every single time once you’ve beaten the top 25 teams or so.

The ideal MT scoring play is the block, rebound, fast break, assist, dunk combo.  This play nets you 6+6+4+4+3+2 for a whopping 25 MT in a matter of seconds.  The steal, fast break, assist, dunk combo is the 2nd highest MT scoring play with 19.  In the halfcourt set, I like to get the ball to a bigman established on the post and have him score immediately for the 11 MT assist+post move+made shot combo.  An alley-oop is an equally efficient 11 MT play, but isn’t as easy to pull off.  Unassisted mid-range scores are practically useless, as they net you a measly 2 MT.  You’re better off driving to the hole and hoping for an and-1, dunk, or layup.

As mentioned before in the scoring, your shooting percentages factor in to your overall MT score as well.  Try to get to the free-throw line at least once, and convert your free-throws.  If you take and make a 3 point shot, you’re better off not shooting any for the rest of the game.  And never, under any circumstances other than you’re about to lose the game, shoot a last-second half-court, 3/4 court, or full-court shot.  They rarely ever go in (unless you’re the AI playing as LeBron James when I’m trying to take the Cavs to OT) and they’ll just lower your 3PT FG%.

In summation, keep your percentages high, score 86+ points, dunk the ball like you’re trying to break the backboard, and when in doubt, take the game to OT.

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