Synergy Therapeutics reached out to us and asked if we’d like to try out one of their supports.  As an avid runner/soccer player, I jumped at the chance to try out their comfort leg support.  Here are my thoughts on this product:


Quality: A+

Comfort: A

Value: B-

Overall: A-

The Synergy Comfort Leg Support is extremely comfortable.  Advertised as a multi-compression knit construction to improve circulation and help prevent injury, it is designed to help relieve symptoms related to shin splints and tendonitis.  I’ve dealt with shin splints on and off since I was a teenager, and have used everything from wraps, to tape, to ice and even heat treatments.  The Comfort Leg Support from Synergy definitely helped ease my pain.

This left support is made of extremely high quality materials.  The bamboo construction is comfortable, breathable, neoprene free and antimicrobial.  And to be quite honest, it just looks cool.  I was worried that it would fall down my leg during a 5 mile run, but it held up and didn’t slip.

At $44.95, the Synergy Comfort Leg Support is rather pricey.  I’ve come across other compression support leg sleeves at about half the cost, but the quality of the Synergy Comfort Leg Support puts it in a different league.  If you’re experiencing inflammation or chronic pains and you’re looking for a high quality compression sleeve or support, you can’t go wrong with their products.




Excuse my ghastly pale white leg on the left and try to focus on the Comfort Leg Support on the right.  As you can see, the leg sleeve fits very well around my knee and calf, but was loose as it got to my lower shin.  The product I was sent was a size XL, but I likely am better suited for a size Large or even a Medium.  Take a look at the leg sleeve from a different angle:



After about 25 years of soccer, I’ve developed larger-than-average, muscular calves.  The Comfort Leg Support cradled the upper part of my leg nicely, but like I said, it was loose on the bottom as the XL is meant for ankles between 12 to 14 inches.  If you’re considering purchasing one of these items, be sure to take a look at their size chart in order to choose the item that fits you best.



Before setting out on my 5 mile run, I wore the Comfort Leg Support for about an hour as I sat on the couch and/or walked around my apartment, just to get used to it and see how it felt.  I play soccer every Saturday evening, and my legs are usually killing me all day Sunday.  I wish I had 2 of these supports, as my left leg felt a lot better than my sleeveless right.

For my run, I ran at an 8 minute mile pace for 40 minutes, preceded and followed by about 2 minutes of walking.  Due to the brace being  about a size too large for me, I thought for sure it would slip and that I’d have to keep pulling it up.  It initially slid a very small amount, but stayed in place for the entirety of the run.  I was impressed.

I also thought my leg would feel warm and sweat a lot due to the leg sleeve, but the material is very breathable and didn’t cause any type of discomfort.  It’s not suffocating like other braces I’ve used before.

I’ve been having some small issues with my knee for the past couple of weeks after getting taken out by the goal keeper at an alumni soccer event, and the Synergy Comfort Leg Support gave me the support and confidence to run the entire 5 mile distance without stopping.  I wish I had the proper sizing, though, as my shins didn’t feel much support or any reduction of pain/stress before, during, or after my workout.

After using the Comfort Leg Support, I threw it in the wash with my other clothes actually hoping it would shrink.  However, the leg sleeve came out of the dryer in the exact same size and condition as when I took it out of the box.  The bamboo materials that it is made out of seems to be extremely durable and of superior quality.  It’s a lot more comfortable and feels nicer than the neoprene braces I’ve seen and used in the past.

Synergy Therapeutics offers supports to soothe various aches and pains.  In addition to the leg sleeve, they have elbow supports, ankle supports, knee supports, wrist supports, and even healing gloves.  You can check out all of their products here.  If you’re in the market for a high quality brace or support, you can’t go wrong with Synergy.  They may be a bit pricey, but they’re worth it.