People have always been interested in changing their fortune for the better. There are several ways to develop wealth such as through business and investments, however, the dream to change your life instantly through gambling initiatives is a fantasy most Australians can relate to. Australia offers several options for punters to take a chance to win a fortune. Over the years, the influence of digital products has continued to shape the gambling industry.

The gambling sectors marketing initiatives.

The gambling sector has always been one of the most innovative industries when it comes to creative marketing initiatives. The gambling sector is regulated and can often limit the marketing activities to draw new customers to their operations. These limitations force marketers within those sectors to think outside of the box. This has led to some of the most creative marketing activities that have played well into gambling’s transition into digital. Below we discuss how these activities have evolved into the digital space.

The growth of mobile casino games.

One of the fastest growing areas has been that of mobile through smartphone technology. Online Casino specialists Casino Room published on their blog that the mobile market has revolutionised online gambling and is expected to continue growing over the next few years. Reports from App Annie showed a 55% year on year increase in consumer spending on Casino applications. During 2015, Casino Room stated that they have seen upwards of 30,000 new accounts created in a month. Reports from Juniper research also predict the market to rise to over $60 billion over the next three years.

Knowledge is power – The influence of digital’s accessibility to information.

One of the other major components that have greatly influenced the gambling industry is people’s accessibility to information across several devices. Traditionally, people were limited to information from the bookies, newspapers or word of mouth. Nowadays, people are in a position to access the same (or if not, better) information than the bookies. Gambling consumers now have access to an abundance of information through news feeds such as RSS, direct email notifications, mobile application notifications, comparison engines, web news, web forums and online communities. This accessibility to information can give these people the edge over the bookies and may do just enough to allow them to win a regular fortune.

The competitive ferocity in SEO.

The gambling sector is extremely lucrative. A successfully acquired customer can net a company tens or hundreds of thousands in revenue. Businesses in the gambling industry realise how important it is to appear in front of those prospective customers that are actively ready to engage in gambling activities. Across a number of countries, there are advertising restrictions for this sector, but no restrictions when it comes to promoting the website organically. This has seen businesses prioritize their SEO activities to ensure that they appear for the high volume search keywords that will see them acquire several hundred or thousands of new customers each month. There are rumours that some businesses are spending upwards of $100,000 each month on their activities, in which at least their revenues will be double that. There are limitations when it comes to ranking gambling websites successfully. These sites employ cutting edge SEO techniques to ensure that they rank successfully and can generate organic search leads regularly and cheaply.

Digital promotions have been spurred through referral marketing efforts.

Due to the restrictions in the promotional efforts for gambling companies, much of their marketing focus has also centred around online referral marketing activities. Affiliate marketing programs that incentivize bidding web entrepreneurs to make hundreds of dollars per month in referral fees by simply promoting their business on a pay per performance model.

Building their brand awareness through social media marketing.

There have been gambling businesses that have successfully employed social media strategies that have seen them generate a large presence organically. Businesses such as Paddy Power have engaged in daring campaigns on Twitter to increase the awareness of social issues while increasing the exposure of their brand.

There is a massive quest for gambling companies to become the next digital powerhouse, given the business opportunities that are expected over the coming years.  The businesses that can consolidate their digital presence and activities in this new era will be the ones that will thrive over the long term.

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