Godzingis. Porzin6is. Slim ‘Zingis. The Human Scarecrow. Whatever the youngbloods are calling Kristaps Porzingis nowadays, the Knicks’ rookie has impressed early this season.  The kid is a putback dunk machine.  Kristaps claimed another victim tonight when he threw down a putback slam on the entire country of Canada.  Check out the vine:

While he may appear fragile and weak, Porzingis soars through the air like a pterodactyl, timing putback dunk after putback dunk perfectly.  We’re a handful of games into his career and he’s already got a putback dunk compilation:

I hated the Porzingis pick. I denounced my Knicks fanhood.  I called him a shitty Bane that no one is afraid of.  I was wrong.  Fear Porzin6is.  His fragile frame lets him slide through weak blockout attempts (or the lack thereof) with ease.  He’s dunking on everyone’s head.  No opposing player is safe.

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