SB Trophy

This year will see the Super Bowl hit a 50 year milestone. This season is expected to be an epic one that should provide another great Super Bowl. As punters size up their NFL odds, we reflect on some of the greatest Super Bowl contests in history.

Unexpected dominance by the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII.

The Seattle Seahawks sheer dominance over a formidable Denver Broncos side. The Broncos were left embarrassed as the Seahawks romped to a 43-8 victory. Many pundits recall Denver not bringing their A team to the game as many of their key defensive players were out. Whether the Broncos would have won the game with their key players is another story. Many argue that the game would have been more tightly matched. Despite the opinions, game is remembered as one of the most one-sided contests in Super Bowl history.

New York Giants outplay their superior opponent to win Super bowl XLII

The New England Patriots had gone unbeaten during that season to reach the Super Bowl, which had the New York Giants favoured as runners up for that season’s Super Bowl. The game was a tight, low scoring affair that would ultimately be decided by one of the most astonishing plays in history. Below you can see highlights of the game winning touchdown between Eli Manning and David Plaxico to win the game.

The New York Giants pip the Buffalo Bills to the post at Super Bowl XXV.

This game came down to the wire for both teams. The Buffalo Bills created one last opportunity in the dying seconds of the game to win with a field goal. Scott Norwood was the kicker and had to successfully convert the kick from long range on a grass field, which didn’t play to his strengths. The Giants won as the field goal went wide to the right. Footage of the game’s final moments can be seen below.

St. Louis Rams hold off a mighty comeback by the Tennessee Titans to take Super Bowl XXXIV
This Super Bowl duel was one of the most thrilling in NFL history. At the time, Dick Vermeil was serving as head coach of the Rams turned his talented squad into an explosive football team. The Rams played a game where their steady gains would lead to big plays. The game was dominant by the Rams, but their efforts initially saw few touchdowns that would allow them to get a comfortable lead. The Rams would eventually go onto get a touchdown that would put them 16-0 up at half-time. Thinking that the game was somewhat in the bag, the Titans rose to the occasion and used their star players to muscle in a comeback. However, a few big plays from the Rams sealed the historic win and the Super Bowl championship. The final play of the game saw the Titans come up one yard short of the end zone, ending their Super Bowl dreams.


Pittsburgh Steelers beat the buzzer – race against the clock – Super Bowl XIII

The Pittsburgh Steelers faced off against the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII in 1978. The game finished with a tight scoreline as the Steelers beat the Cowboys 35-31. The game would see historic moments such as the longest pass in Super Bowl history as Terry Bradshaw would complete 17 out of 30 passes. In Las Vegas, the game came to be known as Black Friday as the majority of sports bookies lost their wagers on the game.

There have been epic encounters between some of the greatest teams to ever grace the Super Bowl championship. Some games continue to be talked about for decades. A more comprehensive list of great Super Bowls can be seen on the NFL Website.