Worse heroes ever.  More like best movie ever.  Warner Bros released the official Suicide Squad trailer about an hour ago, and nerds everywhere collectively rejoiced.  The A-List star power in this movie is off the charts.  Suicide Squad has the potential to unseat The Dark Knight as the standard in “comic book movies”.  Check out the trailer after the jump:

Let’s break the trailer down bit by bit, why don’t we?  First off, Bohemian Rhapsody is an incredible background music choice. And this prison guard is kinda a smoke:


Some of the “worst heroes ever” are locked up in prison.  We’ve got Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn:


Will Smith as Deadshot:


Some guy getting his swole on (Slipknot?):


That guy we’ve seen on the internet with his body tattooed like a skeleton playing with fire in his hand (El Diablo):


And the dude screaming at the security camera who later punches a soldier (Boomerang, I think?):


Then we get a glimpse of a Goomba from that John Leguizamo Super Mario Brothers movie (Killer Croc):


And Pigpen from the Peanuts comics Enchantress who’s not in jail at all:


That leaves Katana and Rick Flag if my Suicide Squad count is correct.  After some of the team is taken from their cells, we get a look at Rick Flag (with a cleaned up Enchantress behind him, I think?)


Now that we’ve met most of the squad a minute into the trailer, we get a laugh form Harley Quinn, see a few clips of what seem to be awesome action scenes, and finally a peek at Jared Leto’s Joker:


A couple of shooting scenes, explosions, oh and there’s Katana (at least the first good look at her, that is)


Phew. Full Suicide Squad halfway through the trailer.  As the guitar riff in Bohemian Rhapsody starts, we get more and more action.  Shit blowing up.  Bullet shells dropping to the floor.  And then Harley Quinn smashing a storefront window to steal a purse.  What more could you want?

Unless you’re a big DC Comics buff, you’ve likely never heard of the Suicide Squad until pictures of Jared Leto with bright green hair started leaking on the internet a while back.  Sure, everyone knows Batman and the villains he faces, or Superman and how terrible every single Superman movie ever has been (fingers crossed for Batman vs Superman, but I think it’s going to blow), but the Suicide Squad is relatively new to most comic book movie fans.  I presume this film will be better received than Watchmen, which was similarly unknown to lamens fans ($55,214,334 in its opening weekend back in 2009 according to, but should fall short of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises $158mil and $160mil opening weekends, respectively.  If Suicide Squad is actually a decent movie like the trailer seems to suggest, though, word of mouth could take it to a new stratosphere.

August can’t come soon enough.

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