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By Caroline (@CultureCovC)

I would like to thank Total Sports Blog for publishing this article on their site. I’ve found them to be a great resource for sports and I would specifically recommend their take on the chances the New York Jets have to win Super Bowl LI.

Smartphone apps make it easier than ever to follow the world of sports on the go. The only tricky part about this is knowing which apps are the best, so if you are truly a sports fanatic, then you should download the following apps:

The ESPN App

The ESPN app has been dubbed by Google Play as the number one sports app available on the market. It follows all of the major sports around the world: football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, soccer and tennis. If there is any major news that happens within any of these outlined sports, you can be rest assured that it will be presented on the ESPN app as soon as possible. There is also a wide selection of highlight videos, as well as the ability to live stream games through the WatchESPN app.

This is an essential app because you can keep up with all of the major sports around the world. You will never miss a minute of all of the intense action going on in the world of sports, and you can keep yourself constantly educated as well. Also, whatever ESPN networks you have access to via your local cable provider or video subscription will be able to be streamed with this app in correlation with WatchESPN. To top all of this off, the ESPN app is free of charge!

Bleacher Report: Team Stream

Team Stream, by Bleacher Report, does have a few similarities to the ESPN app. You will receive the latest scores, analysis and highlights from all of the sports that you love. However, one of the biggest perks to Team Stream is the social content it inspires. Once in a while, you will see interactive competitions that you can participate in to win a major prize. They also have a detailed comments section so you can analyze your favorite teams yourself, or you can even talk trash about all of the teams you despise!

All of these features are great, but Team Stream thrives in letting you pick your favorite teams to follow. As soon as you select your favorite teams, you will receive all of the up-to-date news that happens. This allows you to dedicate your focus strictly on the teams that you care about; that way you can completely ignore teams and sports you have no interest in. Much like the ESPN app, Team Stream is free to download which makes it even more irresistible.


Unlike the ESPN App and Team Stream, ExpressVPN is not an app that is predicated on sports. You may then be asking yourself: why do I need to download an app that has nothing to do with sports? The reality is when you are using all of the sports apps on this list, your smartphone could become hacked at any time. Unless you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when you are browsing these apps, your information is not safe. If you happen to be using these apps while connected to public WiFi, then the need for a VPN vastly increases.

In a market loaded with elite VPN’s, Secure Thoughts recommends ExpressVPN over any of them. Not only does it have unlimited bandwidth, but the overall speed is sensational, while also being free to download. Don’t worry about having the wrong operating system either because ExpressVPN will work on all of them. The only way to be 100 percent positive that you are completely protected while enjoying all of these sports apps is to download ExpressVPN.


You now have two elite apps for sports news and analysis and also an app that will protect you when using them. However, what if you are a fan of going to the games and want an app that will notify you of the cheapest tickets available? If this accurately describes you, then you are looking for the free app known as StubHub. This allows you to search all of your favorite teams’ upcoming events and how much tickets are selling for. However, to make it easier, you can have StubHub notify you of any upcoming events while also specifying your desired price range.

The best advantage to this app however is being able to get into the events using just your phone. All you have to do is scan your ticket at the venue ensuring the chance of forgetting your tickets is erased. StubHub is also great for selling any tickets you don’t want as well. There probably is not a better app on the market when it comes to buying and selling tickets for sporting events due to the simplicity and convenience of the app.

NCAA Sports

Capping off the ultimate sports apps list is an app that is specifically intended for NCAA fans. This is an essential app if you have absolutely no interest in professional sports and find them as a nuisance. NCAA Sports works a lot like the ESPN app and Team Stream as you will have access to all of the live scores while also having the ability to select your favorite teams. It may not be quite as detailed as the ESPN app and Team Stream, but it’s the best exclusive NCAA app out there.

Both of the aforementioned apps (ESPN App and Team Stream) do offer NCAA scores and news but don’t offer it exclusively. NCAA Sports is perfect if you love NCAA sports, but nothing else. Although this only happens once a year, it is also perfect for March Madness. You can follow your bracket easily and get up-to-date scores on all of the games that happen. Much like the other apps, this is also free.

Your life is officially complete as a sports fan when you download all of these apps. Not only is every single one of them free, but they are unbelievably convenient and easy to use. The next time you have to go to an event that you really don’t want to go to, secretly enjoy all of these fantastic apps! Are there any other fantastic sports apps that I missed? Have you downloaded any of these apps already; if so, are you satisfied with them? Please, leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

About the Author: Caroline is an entertainment and online blogger who is a sports fanatic. She has tested a number of sports apps and has had the most success with these five. She hopes you start enjoying all of them today.