In today’s world of sports, it is no secret that performance enhancing drugs, are pretty common. Despite the fact that in most sporting committees, there are drug tests, people always find ways to avoid getting caught. Some people get steroids illegally via the black market or legally where they buy at

It’s not a very widely spread topic, so let’s see what’s really going on in sports today with these 5 facts.

Female Athletes 

When steroids were first introduced as performance enhancing drugs, it was predominantly males who were using them. However, nowadays, there are tons of females who are finding ways of using steroids to enhance their performance.

They have to use milder steroids but they are still benefiting by being able to perform at a considerably higher level. It gives them an edge over their competitors but they do have to monitor their doses closely to avoid the side effects.

Testing Positive

Does every high-level athlete use steroids? Well, it’s tough to say but the chances are they are using some form of oral anabolics or injections, however, most people are able to get around the tests that most sport federations have in place.

For example, in the Olympics of 2000, only 8 out of 1100 competitors were tested positive for drug use. There were probably many other athletes using similar steroids who managed to avoid being tested positive.

Steroid Use In The 1960’s!

As we mentioned before, drug-use in sports is something that is well-known among competitors, coaches and the federations themselves. However, this has been going on for longer than you may have previously thought.

Performance enhancing drugs were being used as far back as the 1960’s, so it’s almost as though they are part of sports today. Drug testing was put in place to try make the playing field fairer but who really knows how well it has worked.

What Drugs Do Most Athletes Use?

The main types of performance enhancers that athletes use are HGH, stimulants, diuretics and most favorably anabolic steroids. Steroids tend to take the top spot since the benefits can be overwhelmingly great.

You can increase strength, muscle mass and even improve your muscular endurance – Anyone from baseball and football players to bodybuilders and swimmers use steroid cycles.

Why Diuretics Are Banned

One of the ways that people use to try and avoid testing positive for steroid use was by taking diuretics. They pretty much helped to cover up the fact that steroids were in the system but they are now considered to be a banned substance for that exact reason.

People often take diuretics to lose weight fast. So if they needed to make a certain weigh-in but they weren’t quite there, diuretics would give them an advantage to get their weight down.

Final Thoughts

So, there’s 5 facts about the use of steroids and sports. It’s an interesting topic since many athletes around the world still use these steroids, yet sporting federations are trying to oppose them.

What do you think? Should steroids be banned or are they just common practice today?