When it comes to the sport of boxing, many people would question its nobility. This is especially the case with today’s boxing where boxers take hype to the next level. However, behind that hype and lack of humility lies a humble individual with a past that should be emulated. It is difficult for an ordinary fan to see that in a great fighter. Thanks to the greatest boxing films ever made, they are able to overlook the hype and explore the very foundation and morals that make that boxer great. Some of those films include:


It tells a tale of the famous boxer Rocky Balboa who would never give up in boxing despite his series of losses. He was full of humility and worked hard to get a chance to be the best despite his poor winning record. Fate would have it that he would become great after a chance came from nowhere to fight the heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. He beat Apollo Creed and achieved his longtime dream of holding the heavyweight championship title. From that determination and persistent to be the best paid off at last which is a good lesson young modern boxers can learn from. Get, the best boxing betting advice from experts to improve your odds. Access the latest preview of the upcoming boxing matches to stay ahead.


Featuring the writer of Rocky, Sylvester Stallone, Creed, brings out another star whose father was the famous Apollo Creed. It is no short of amazing as the young Apollo Creed steers his way to stardom in the boxing world with the help from his coach Rocky Balboa. It gives young boxers hope that with hard work, discipline, humility, and determination they can make it to the top. Learn how to bet on boxing fights by analyzing the boxing betting odds and options to go with. Know the rules and the major events to bet on before you wager your cash.

The Fighter

It takes everyone to the late 1980s where two brothers, Dicky Eklund, and Micky Ward, were professional boxers at the time. In the film, it stars an Oscar winning actor, Christina Bale and Mark Wahlberg. The story of the two brothers is engulfed with the abuse of hard drugs which led to a broken relationship between them and also in boxing. It highlights their struggle with the hard drugs which some great boxers of the current era have been dogged by.


It is a film deep rooted in both the religious values of the great Mohammed Ali and his life as the greatest of all time in boxing. Featuring the movie star, Will Smith, Ali the movie, takes fans to a whole new level of life that they did not know about the great Ali. It tells a tale of humility for the great boxer, his role as a family man and s an activist.

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