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Giancarlo Stanton was struck in the face with a Mike Fiers 88 mph fastball about a week ago. The scene was gruesome as the potential National League MVP lay on the ground suffering in pain.  In baseball you never want to see someone thing like this happen. It is part of the game that is nearly uncontrollable.

After the incident not much news was reported about the progress of  Giancarlo Stanton. So Stanton took to Instagram to post his progress to this point. WARNING, the photo below is graphic and contains blood.

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Out at Home: This Rule Has to Go

September 12, 2014 by


Designed to improve player safety, Major League Baseball inserted a new rule into its books this offseason. Catchers could no longer block home plate until the ball might be arriving on a throw approximately 20 meters down the third baseline only on Sunday nights.

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Tonight the Los Angeles Dodgers had a sequence on defense that clearly showed that no one on this team owns a copy of Tom Emanski’s defensive drills video. In the top of the 6th inning, the Dodgers were leading the San Diego Padres 8-1 with one out. At the end of this hysterical thirty-second clip, three runs score and 12 clowns emerged from the bullpen car.

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The Forgotten Yankee

September 4, 2014 by

The 2014 New York Yankees season has been all about their past. The Derek Jeter Retirement Tour 2014 is almost over and the Yankees have held ceremonies for past players such as Tino Martinez, Goose Gossage, Paul O’Neill and manager Joe Torre.

There is one player who is wrongly absent from this list.

He spent his entire career in pinstripes, helped bring home World Series titles and is given little recognition by the organization.

“In Centerfield, number 51, Bernie Williams. Number 51.”

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no hitter2

As the Philadelphia Phillies continue to push through another dim season, the Phillies were able create a bright spot yesterday afternoon by throwing a combined no-hitter. Four pitchers combined to no hit the Atlanta Braves this past Labor Day. Cole Hamels struggled with control issues through out the game, but still managed to go six innings without giving up a hit. After giving up five walks and with 108 pitches thrown, the Phillies went to the bullpen.

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Decades Of Hate!

Decades Of Hate!


One thing that absolutely irritates me about New York sports is the amount of fake local rivalries we have here.  And I was reminded of my hatred of false rivalries last night when the Jets took on the Giants in a preseason game.  This happens every year and it’s called the Snoopy Bowl. Because Metlife Stadium is named after Metlife who has Snoopy as their mascot, lol! The Giants won and guess what? It meant absolutely nothing.   This of course didn’t stop fans from talking an unwarranted amount of trash talk towards one another.  Both teams have enough teams within their own division that they can hate there is absolutely no reason to hate each other.

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The MLB trade deadline has come and gone with the Philadelphia Phillies not making a trade. The common thought was that the Phillies would be sellers at the trade deadline. With the 3rd highest payroll in the MLB and sitting at the bottom of the division, Ruben Amaro Jr. was expected to put the Phillies in rebuilding mode. Not the case. With questions lurking around the Phillies future, fans are displeased and confused at what is to come of the 2008 World Series Champions.

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The 2014 MLB trade deadline has been one of the most active in recent memory. Trades involved 2 staff aces, all-stars and a Home Run Derby Champion. Now that the trade deadline has past, teams have set themselves for the future, near future or a World Series run this season. It is clear who has made strides to help themselves in a World Series run. After the trade deadline, here are the top 3 World Series favorites.

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What an exciting day! Most trade deadlines tend to disappoint, but baseball fans received everything they could have wished for today. Which teams came out on top today? Keep reading for my humble opinion.

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It is a simple question, please watch the video below and voice your opinion!

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