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It’s all come apart at the seams. Walter White had built an empire under the guise of doing it for his family but when in actuality it was for his pride. Everything that he’s done, every lie he’s told, every batch he’s cooked and everyone he’s killed was a stepping stone to reach the point where he’s been in the last few episodes….unbelievably rich and the ability to tell people what to do because this whole time…he’s been right and everyone else was wrong. This episode of Breaking Bad (unsurprisingly titled “Ozymandias”) disproves all of that.  Read the rest of this entry »


Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money!

Floyd “Money” Mayweather defeated Canelo Alverez tonight in Las Vegas to retain his Super Welterweight Championship. Mayweather was like a surgeon all night as he bobbed and weaved around every punch Alvarez threw.  Alvarez clearly tired himself out throughout the fight, as missed punches were thrown for all 12 rounds.

The fight went the distance and Mayweather didn’t seem to look for the knockout, but to wear down Alvarez as the fight went on. With the win, “Money” Mayweather ran his career record to  45-0, with 26 of those wins coming by knockout.

The judges scored the fight 114-114, 116-112, 117-111.

Check out the GIFs of tonight’s action after the jump
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Diana Nyad

This afternoon 64-year-old distance swimmer Diana Nyad became the first person to ever swim the 110 miles from Cuba to Florida with out the assistance of a shark cage.  But honestly, who cares?  Probably not too many people outside of her Facebook friends and Twitter followers.
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While everyone this morning is talking about Miley twerking, we at TSB are going to act grown. Well, that’s not completely true. I don’t speak for everyone at Total Sports Blog but when I’m not at work, I only act my age half the time. Also, we posted a blog post about Miley twerking last night. Also, I’m sure some people at TSB is still talking about Twerk-gate. But we’re never completely honest, all of the time. And that is how Breaking Bad started off last night. With Todd leaving a voicemail on Walter White’s phone but in a tone of voice that softly says “No big deal” (it totally seems like it will be) while glossing over a couple things as well as him telling his Uncle and his cohort about the train job of last season while over-exaggerating a couple points and leaving out some key ones. It was a perfect way to start off an episode that was about Walter telling strings of half-lies in the form of confessions in order to keep the fabric of his reality together….but all things fall apart. Read the rest of this entry »


Tonight from 8-11 PM check out @lunaticradio LIVE!  Click on and watch the show live.  The studio line to join in on the conversation is 646-233-4045. If you like Comedy, babes, and beer, this is the show for you!

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Anastasia Ashley Twerking

Women’s professional surfing just got a +1 from TSB.  A video has surfaced of professional surfer Anastasia Ashley and her warm up routine.   Most athletes do the normal leg and arm stretches to get ready, but not Anastasia.  She’s twerks it.  And she’s damn good at it too.

This is certainly something that needs to be watched on a continuous loop, for hours on end.  Check it out after the jump.
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Perfection is rarely achieved in sports, but bowling a 300 is one of the few, perfect outings in sports.

Now let’s meet Troy Walker, a professional bowler that was on the verge of bowling a 300 in a tournament in Houston yesterday.

On his last shot, something you don’t see every day happened, and it may or may not have costed him a shot at perfection. You need to see this video to believe it.

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Manny and I decided to tackle the conversation of BIGGEST, MOST OVERRATED, and UNDERRATED camp battles in NFL Training Camps around the league. Sure, ESPN gives you a mainstream perspective, but we provide pure insight from a personal standpoint. Take it from us, we know our football.

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fantasy football

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With OTA’s underway and training camp right around the corner, it’s time to get a jump on the 2013 Fantasy Season. The most important position in this writers mind has become the position with the most depth. Quarterback. Read the rest of this entry »

Lunatic Rradio

Check out Lunatic Radio LIVE tonight at 8pm EST/5 PST – LISTEN  – studio line 646-233-4045.   Tonight’s Total Sports Blog “Sports Minute” will be brought to you by Earl, and he will also be calling in at 9:30 pm to talk about the US Open and all things sports.