Is chemistry overrated?

July 22, 2010 by

When you hear people talk about team chemistry, different opinions are everywhere.  One guy will say that it’s overrated, the next guy thinks that it’s essential.  I think in sports like football, basketball and hockey, there are multiple parts moving in unison during gameplay that makes chemistry essential.  But in the game of baseball, so many plays are one player vs another player, that I don’t believe chemistry comes into play.  It’s more of an overall attitude.

The 2010 Mets are a perfect example.  Early on in the season, the team looked pretty lost like most of the 2nd half of last season and the final month of the previous two seasons.  We can blame it all on the injuries, but when it’s all said and done, there was no excitement or energy on this team other than Reyes, Wright or Santana.  For the past 3 years Omar has gone out and found some good value off the scrap heap like Fernando Tatis,  Damion Easley, and R.A. Dickey.  But for every one of those moves, there have been the Louie Castillo, Garry Sheffied, Garry Matthews and Frank Catalanotto’s of the world.  What do they all have in common?  They are all essentially AARP members.

When the Mets went on their run this year, I believe there was no coincidence that it started with the call-up of Ike Davis.  He brought this shot of youthful exuberance to not only the Mets lineup, but to the entire fan base.  As the season rolled on, Ruben Tejada was called up, Chris “The Animal” Carter was unleashed,  Jenry Mejia was pitching regularly, Josh Thole was battling Strasburg,  Jonathon Niese was starting every 5th day, and we even had a few games where the entire infield was home-grown.  Ike, Ruben, Jose and David put a huge smile on the face of Mets fans everywhere.  Heck, even Ollie was placed on the DL and we didn’t have to deal with that garbage.

Omar knows nothing about chemisrty

Fast forward to the All-Star Break and now the Mets season is essentially over. The youth is gone.  Welcome back Louie Castillo and Carlos Beltran.  Nice knowing you Jenry Mejia.  By the way, how is your shoulder doing in the minors?  Ruben, we know you are inexperienced, but you’re not making $6 mil, so spend your summer in beautiful Buffalo.  Hey Frenchy, we know you are only hitting .250-ish, but at least you are trying REAL hard and have an impact on the game defensively.  Damn, you have more homers than the hack in LF and only 2 less RBI?  Sorry though, Bay makes $10 mil more than you.  We gotta play em.  Mr. Thole, we have no answers right now, I’m sorry.  Rod is gonna get the bulk of playing time because he has like 1 homer and 3 RBI in his last 150 at bats.

Omar, Jerry, Jeff or Fred.  I don’t know who to blame, but it’s time for someone other than Jerry to speak to the fans and tell them why they either didn’t make any moves to improve the team 2 weeks ago when the fans were real fired up about the playoff race, or why the youth and energy/excitement has been zapped from the lineup.  The Mets brass is in for a rude awakening on Tuesday (unless we sweep LA) when less than half of the seats have asses in them.

The young guys are thrilled to be here.  Thole, Frenchy, Ike and The Animal would run thru a wall if it would help this team win.  Even if they don’t win, Mets fans would love and support this team if the kids were playing and were showing heart day after day instead of going out there and sleep walking.

Get it together guys.  I don’t want to see Wally Backman managing the team Tuesday night if you catch my drift.