Well, the only bigger shit show that my picks last week was the collapsing of the roof on the Metrodome.  The only video I’ve ever seen that’s more horrific than that was the X-Pac/Chyna honeymoon sex tape.  My fantasy picks sucked except for DeSean Jackson and my weekly picks sucked.  Aaron Rodgers cost me my best bet and probably also cost the Packers the playoffs.  Oh well, not everyone can have a head made of cement.  Last week I went 6-8-1 (Thanks for the botched extra point, Redskins!) to take the season record down to 81-76-2, and with Aaron Rodgers doing his best Troy Aikman impression, my best bet record falls to 4-8.

Right now we are creeping into the semi-finals of most Fantasy Football Leagues.  I hope these suggestions help you win this week.  If they don’t, sorry for partying.

QB Start: Josh Freeman – His team needs a win, and he’s going to deliver

QB Sit: Rex Grossman (Yes he’s actually getting the start over McNabb today agains the Cowboys.)

RB Start: Arien Foster – The new Chris Johnson

RB Sit: LaDanian Tomlinson – Steelers are gonna losd the box, daring Sanchez to throw it.

WR Start: Deion Branch – Takin’ it back to 2005; already has a career high 6 TD catches

WR Sit: Mike Wallace – Revis Island


Chiefs @ Rams (-3)

The Rams have only won 1 game so far this season against a possible playoff team.  KC is one of those teams, and knows that they need a win.  Cassell is back, minus and appendix.  I hope he doesn’t get his too hard.  PICK: Chiefs

Texans @ Titans (-1.5)

How the Titans are a favorite in any game the rest of the season is ludacris.  They’ve completely given up and don’t give a shit.  PICK: Texans

Jags @ Colts (-4.5)

This game is for the division.  Who would have thought that goign into week 15, this game could bury the Colts run atop the AFC South?  I keep thinking that there’s no way that Peyton loses this game, but the Colts have been pretty bad the last month.  They can’t run, or stop the run, and here comes MJD.  I love MJD this week, so that means I love the Jags.  PICK: Jags

Cards @ Panthers (-2.5)

Yes, this is a huge game for the Cards and they need to win to keep in the hunt for the NFC West “crown”.  I guess I’ll take the points.   I rather gauge my eyes out with a red hot poker than watch this game.  PICK: Cards

Browns @ Bengals (-1)

Another vomit-fest here.  The only interesting thing here is if Peyton Hills helps out fantasy owners.  PICK: Browns

Bills @ Dolphins (-5)

The fish are coming off a huge win against the Jets, and need to keep winning to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.  On the other hand, the Bills are coming off a win of their own, and have been spread covering machines.  I’ll keep with that trend and take the Bills.  PICK: Bills

Eagles @ Giants (-3)

This is for the drivers seat in the NFC East.  The Giants are still a little banged up and that scares me.  They just lost Steve Smith for the season, but have been running the ball so well lately.  The Eagles will have to live on the edge by stacking the box against Bradshaw and Jacobs.  That being said, I hope Vick takes off a few times against this super slow Giants linebacking crew.  Pick: Eagles

Redskins @ Cowboys (-8)

So the Redskins went from a $78 million extention a few weeks ago for Donovan McNabb, to benching him in favor of Rex Grossman.  What a shitshow this organization is.  If history repeats itself today, the Cowboys defense should have a feast on Grossman turnovers.  Srew it, I’ll go out on a limb here today and make the Cowboys my Best Bet.  BEST BET PICK: Cowboys

Lions @ Bucs (-4)

I think this line is too low.  Tampa is just a much better team.  Josh Freeman is my fantasy start today, so how can I not bet on him.  PICK: Bucs

Saints @ Ravens (-2)

This is a great matchup.  the classic high-octane offense meets the defensive monster.  But if the game against the Texans last week was any indication of what is going to happen this week, I’m really scared if I am a Ravens fan.  They looked out of gas and completely lost in the 2nd half.  The Saints have been rolling and i’ll tke them this week.  PICK: Saints


Falcons (-6) @ Seahawks

I really hope the Saints beat the Ravens in their 1 pm games so that the Falcons don’t “lay an egg” against this awfil Seahawks team.  Granted, the game is in Seattle, but the Falcons are such a superior team.  Just based on them needing this W for the possible 1 seed in the NFC, I’ll take the Falcons.  PICK: Falcons

Jets @ Steelers (-4)

I’m done with the Jets.  I watch them every week, and they really don’t do anything better than anyone else.  Their defense isn’t that impressive.  They can’t throw the ball.  Their running game is becomming non-existant.  Luckily for Sanchez, Troy Polamalu is not going to be on the field.  I still hate the Jets, and will take Rapelisberger.  PICK: Steelers

Broncos @ Raiders (-8)

This could be a monster game for McFadden and the Silver and Black’s defense.  Football Jesus is getting the start for the Broncos this week with Kyle Orton dying.  The last time these two teams met up, McFadden had 4 TD’s and the Raiders destroyed the Broncos in Denver.  I relly like the Raiders this week.  PICK: Raiders


Packers @ Patriots (-14)

This was supposed to be a matchup of 2 high powered offenses and possibly the top 2 teams in the NFL.  Oops, that’s not happening.  Instead, Matt Flynn is getting his 1st ever NFL start against the Patriots, who are absolutely rolling right now.  If you have a bad matchup this week in your fantasy league with your defense, look to see if the Pats defense is out there.  This could be a blowout.  Which I’m guessing it will be.  PICK: Patriots


Bears (-7.5) @ Vikings

Outdoors in Minnesota in December….sounds more like Bears weather.  PICK: Bears

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