The Turkish team that Deron Williams signed with recently had their assets frozen because the ownership was fixing soccer matches.  Not only does this suck for Deron Williams, it gives leverage to the NBA owners.  They know that players will now be wary of signing with an European team now because of this.

Steve Nash admonishes Boris Diaw for planking at a famous French vineyard.

A mix of the best dunks of last year that I posted on my personal blog last night from

Shaq bashes bosh on his Turner TV debut on NBATV yesterday by declaring the Miami Heat are lead by the “Big 2”.  Also, you know there’s no way in hell that I can let this slide:

Quick hitters?  I don’t see why not:

  1. Why is Shaq participating in this interview via satellite from an apple orchard?
  2. It took 2 months for Shaq to go from “NBA Legend” to “Turner Sports Analyst”?  If I was Shaq, I’d file a complaint.
  3. When did Shaq get his facial hair shaped up by Hulk Hogan?

Ok, I’m done.

-Meanwhile, the fake Bill Walton twitter account maintains that the Big 3 actually doesn’t consist of Lebron or Bosh.  Throw it down, big man.  Throw it down.  Honestly, I really don’t know what is funnier…Bosh bashing or Lebron lambasting?


My head exploded from trying to figure out the amount of vag all 3 of these men probably have ran train on in their lifetimes.

A recap of the 2011 NBA season in one concise graphic.

– A recollection of the sale of the Seattle Supersonics 5 years later as written by writer for ESPN and Basketball Prospectus as well as a former employee of, Kevin Pelton.  Just as sad now as it was back then.  Before this year, I went to the NBA draft every year for the 3 consecutive years.  Every year that I went, I would meet and see the same trio of Sonics fans with the same signs that said “Save the Sonics”.  It’s trivial but depressing at the same time when you consider how interwoven sports is in our culture and is a part of most cities’ identities.


  • Danny A

    Can you please interview the dude behind the fake Bill Walton. PLEASE?!

  • baggydizzle

    ahahah, Fake Bill Walton is brilliant. I’m going to put it on my to do list, Danny.

  • hooktsb

    that wilson chandler dunk was absolutely filthy (0:30 into the get banged on video). how did that not get more love during the regular season?

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