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“Everyone dies in this movie, don’t they?”

It’s a simple question asked about “Scarface” by Walter White two thirds into the episode that could foreshadow on what the future holds for Breaking Bad. Vince Gilligan has said before in a New York Times article that he wanted to use Breaking Bad as a device to show how someone like “Mr. Chips could turn into Scarface.” Last night, and to Skyler White’s horror, we see our first allusions to the movie about a man whose grandiose aspirations about being a drug kingpin and his megalomania lead him to his own self-destruction. And seriously, why the hell is Walter letting little baby Holly watch “Scarface?!?! He obviously doesn’t believe in the MPAA’s movie rating system.

Most of this episode was used to further the tensions between Walter and Mike (and eventually the tug of war for Jesse’s soul) and Walter and Skyler. Skyler clearly doesn’t want Walter around anymore but is way too afraid of him to tell him. When Walt starts moving his stuff back into the house, Skyler wusses out in telling him “Fuck outta here.” This seems to be causing her grief as it leads to her nervous breakdown where she tells Marie to shut up in what seemed like an infinite amount of times. I feel like most viewers have felt the same way whenever Marie opened her mouth on the show so that felt pretty relieving as much as it was disturbing.

But the most interesting part of the show right now is the escalating tension between Walt and Mike and the eventual tug of war for Jesse’s allegiance (and Walt has started to plant seeds in Jesse’s mind by telling him that he trusts him to do the right thing when it comes to letting Andrea know about what Jesse does while they were making meth). The episode starts off with Mike going from prison to prison, masquerading as a paralegal, to talk to the incarcerated members of his crew to reassure them that Chow’s death was not to be perceived as a message and that “they will be made whole” in terms of their hazard pay. This cold open goes a long way in showing you that Mike was more than muscle in Gus’ operation and that he had his hands in a lot of the day-to-day aspects and some financial aspects of the operation as well as keeping people in the business happy. However, you also see how professional and fair Mike to the people he’s responsible for. As you find out later in the episode when Mike is doling out the money between the 3 so-called bosses of the company, this contrasts with how Walt feels the business should be run. He feels like there shouldn’t be legacy costs. Why should Walt pay for Gus’ fuck ups? What Walt doesn’t know is that’s the cost of being the boss. In fact, he feels somewhat frustrated that he doesn’t have more control over Mike (considering the fact that Walt thinks he’s a boss) than he thought he would as evidenced by his quote earlier in the episode at Saul’s office: “He handles the business and I handle him.” Obviously, Mike has proven to be a lot more difficult to manage than Walt originally thought. And according to the last scene (where Walt compares Victor’s slaying at the hands of Gus to Perseus), Walt’s gears are grinding so he could find out a way to put Mike back in his place.

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I’ll be taking a little time off so this will be the last installation of Total Sports Babes until WAGs Wednesday August 8th.  But don’t worry TSB fans, this one should get you through the next week and a half.  Check out the hottest female athletes of Team USA in the 2012 Olympics in London:

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Heather Mitts, Soccer

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Every week we get tweets and emails about articles or blog posts that we should check out.  Today we got one from Shanna and we thought it was pretty relevant.  With all the news surrounding the NCAA this summer, has put together a solid list of  “The 10 Most Controversial College Athletes Today”.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Marco Jaric played in the NBA from 2002-2009 and currently suits up for Mens Sana Basket aka Montepaschi Siena of the Italian League.  While he had marginal success as a role player in the NBA, he is an All-Star in the WAGs department.  Check that.  Marco Jaric is the reigning MVP of WAGdom.  Adiana Lima might be the hottest woman on the planet.  Check out some more photos of his supermodel wife: Read the rest of this entry »

The Houston Rockets made life miserable for Knicks fans about a week ago when James Dolan decided not to match the 3 year $25.125 million offer sheet for Jeremy Lin.  I’ll admit I got a little choked up.  I was excited to see what Lin could do in orange and blue for a full season, but the Rockets took that away from me.  Now that the Chicago Bulls have decided not to match the offer sheet the Rockets laid out for Omer Asik, Houston has another 3 year $25 million man ($25.1 to be exact).  Somehow I don’t think Bulls fans are too upset. Read the rest of this entry »

The second episode of this season’s Breaking Bad is called “Madrigal”. My first response to knowing this was “What the hell is a Madrigal?” Upon looking it up, I determined that it’s a harmonious vocal music composition with two or more singers. It in fact has a lot with this episode…especially considering the lack of harmony, or dissension in the ranks, with Mike’s people and the fact that at the end of the episode, we find out that Mike has decided that he will work with Walt and Jesse.  Read the rest of this entry »

“Gave John a dollar for every time he’s been divorced. Count it folks. 5 bucks. Winner winner chicken twitter.” -Paul Bissonnette aka @BizNasty2point0

The guy on the right is Paul Bissonnette aka @BizNasty2point0, left winger for the Phoenix Coyotes of the NHL.  Biz Nasty is quite possibly the most entertaining professional athlete on twitter, and we want you to come up with a better caption than the one he provided for the above picture.  If you post the best caption in the comment section below or on Twitter to @HookTSB #TSBContest, we’ll send you some free stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

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Michelle Jenneke, a 19 year old hurdler from Australia dominated the Women’s 100m hurdles at the IAAF World Junior Championships last weekend.  Get ready for her to dominate the internet.  I know it’s not technically the weekend for a few more hours, but I’d be cheating the fans of Total Sports Babes if I held off on posting the above video and these photos of rising athlete and Total Sports Babe, Michelle Jenneke: Read the rest of this entry »

Justin Allgaier celebrates his second career win. (Photo: Randy Peterson)

With the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series taking a much needed break from the action this weekend, the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and Nationwide Series take to the 1.5 tri-oval speedway of Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Illinois for some great racing and excitement. Last year in the Nationwide Series, Trevor Bayne came back from his six week illness induced layoff but it was Justin Allgaier who won over Carl Edwards as both drivers ran out of fuel at the end. Will this year’s race end in an exciting finish? There are only two Sprint Cup drivers taking time away from their vacation to race at Chicagoland this weekend; Sam Hornish, Jr has been driving the No. 22 for the suspended A.J. Allmendinger will continue to drive the No. 12 for Penske Racing and Kyle Busch will strap in for his own team, Kyle Busch Motorsports, and give his big brother Kurt a much needed rest behind the wheel.

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series:
2011 Pole Winner:
Steve Aprin
2011 Winner: Austin Dillon
Laps: 100
Distance: 225 Miles

Friday, July 20th, 2012:

NO TV Coverage

Saturday, July 21, 2012:

12:30 PM NASCAR Nationwide Series Practice ESPN 2
2: 30 PM NASCAR Nationwide Series Final Practice ESPN 2
4:00PM NASCAR Camping World Truck Series SPEED
5:00PM ARCA Re-Max Series SPEED
7:00PM Speed Center SPEED
8:00PM NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race SPEED
(American Ethanol 225)

NASCAR Nationwide Series Race:
2011 Pole Winner:
Aric Almirola
2011 Winner: Justin Allgaier
Laps: 200
Distance: 300 Miles

Sunday, July 22, 2012:

11:30 AM NASCAR Nationwide Series Qualifying ESPN 2
2:00PM NASCAR Countdown ESPN
3:00PM NASCAR Nationwide Series Race ESPN
(STP 300. Justin Allgaier in-race reporter)

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The Lakers are making moves.  They just brought in the talent of veteran point guard Steve Nash.  The guy has been one of the most consistent point guards in the game.  I was court side when the Lakers played vs Nash in the playoffs a few years ago.  I watched him destroy the Lakers.  He was hitting running three pointers, dropping dimes and played great defense on Fisher at the time.  The Lakers are smart and are putting talent around Kobe for the few good years he has in him.  Read the rest of this entry »