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This isn’t your normal WAGs Wednesday where I post a bunch of smut and you perverts dim the lights, find a new box of kleenex and break out the lotion.  TSB is gonna be classy this week.  By special request, this week’s WAG is Andy Dalton’s wife, Jordan (Jones) Dalton, who according to their wedding website have been married for 473 days.  I’m not making that up, they have one of those websites that engaged couples send out to their families and loved ones, yet is super easy to find with a simple google search.  It’s adorable.

In fact, that’s where most of these photos came from.  You see, Andy Dalton went to Texas Christian University and found himself a respectable young woman to marry.  She may not be a model, but she’s still a Total Sports Babe and more than qualifies for this Wednesday’s WAG.  Check out some photos of Jordan Dalton:

     (click to enlarge)

I’d bet anything they’re going to have a nice quaint house with a white picket fence, a puppy and 2 1/2 children.  Good for you, Andy and Jordan.

That’s all we have for you in this week’s wholesome edition of WAGs Wednesday.  Be sure to check back this weekend for more Total Sports Babes.  Got a WAG in mind who you’d like to see more of?  Tweet me.

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