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Johnny Manziel Show Me The Money

As I have told you earlier today that I hate college football, there is one player I don’t dislike.  That’s Johnny Manziel.  “Johnny Football” apparently has decided to give the NCAA and their “rules” a big ol’ middle finger today in Texas A&M’s opening game against the Rice Owls.

During Manziel’s first drive of the game (A&M’s first possession of the second half, cause autographs)  it seems that Johnny wanted to let a player on Rice know where his next autograph signing will be.  After the address was given, Manziel threw his first touchdown of the season, and figured he wanted to be shown the money.

Check out the GIFs after the jump.
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Annexation Of Puerto Rico 2

Remember the play “The Annexation Of Puerto Rico” from the movie “Little Giants”? Well the Villanova Wildcats pulled it off today against the Boston College Golden Eagles. The only other time I have seen this was when the Carolina Panthers did it down around the goal line a few years ago.

For a refresher on the Panthers play and for a GIF from today’s game, check it out after the jump.
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hi-res-176563070_crop_northTim Tebow is done with the New England Patriots, according to an ESPN report.

While the decision hasn’t been announced officially yet, it hasn’t stopped the fan reaction on social media.

One person on Twitter tweeting out “College football is cancelled, so ESPN brings you 24 hours of Tebow.”

A person close to the decision says the Patriots waived the former Florida Gator QB on Saturday morning. Does this mean Tebow’s NFL career is over as well? Read the rest of this entry »



Unless you are Amish (in which you’re totally getting shunned for reading this; I hope it’s worth it), you have either seen or heard about the twerking incident and Taylor Swift’s choice words for Harry Styles at the VMAs on Sunday. Being a pop culture junkie, I wanted to give this a few days and see how long it would take for the powerful Cyrus flame to be extinguished. This flame is apparently making the Olympic torch look like a tealight in the wind because everyone and their second cousins are still tweeting, Instagramming, posting on Facebook, and relaying new memes of this on a daily. Taylor’s immature antics have fallen to the wayside a bit, but I think this is cause for a little comparison. If the opportunity ever presents itself, would you pick Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift?

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Why College Football Sucks

August 31, 2013 by

Johnny Football Tweet

Yes college football sucks.   You won’t be able convince me otherwise.  So don’t even try.

For about 10 years, co-workers had been trying to convince me that college football is awesome. I understand the gambling aspect of it (if you are degenerate), but I need more than just being able to bet on a game to enjoy it. Maybe it’s because I grew up on Long Island? The closest Division I college football to me was probably Army, and they have been terrible for as long as I can remember. Maybe it’s because I didn’t go away to a Division I school with a football team? Ehh, that’s not it either.
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Teemu Selanne has been playing in the NHL for a long, long time. Anyone that can make it through 20 seasons has certainly put in enough time to retire when they feel it’s right.

So Selanne announced his retirement earlier this offseason – but it didn’t last long.

Selanne posted this hysterical golf spoof video on the Anaheim Ducks website, announcing that he’ll be returning for his 21st, and last NHL season. Check out the video after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Photo taken by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Photo taken by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

While his girlfriend, Danica Patrick, has overshadowed him for most of the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup season, on Friday afternoon it was time for Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. to show the NASCAR world who wears the pants in the relationship.

Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. captured his first Coors Light Pole Award at Atlanta Motor Speedway Friday afternoon after deciding he needed to listen to his car owner, Jack Roush, and run the bottom of the line.Stenhouse’s lap was 189.688 mph on the 1.54 tri-oval just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

“When we unloaded the car, we weren’t very good,” Stenhouse said. “We kept making changes, making big changes, and got it where we needed to be.” Read the rest of this entry »


It looks like Lamar Odom is in a free fall with no net in sight. The former NBA “star” was arrested early this morning in Los Angeles at 3:54 AM. According to a few reports, the police stated that he was driving TOO SLOW on the highway. I mean come on dude. First the drug allegations, and now DUI. Time to check yourself before you wreck yourself.
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JayZ is not an attractive guy to me, but homeboy is beautiful in the music video, excuse me, VISUAL for Holy Grail. I love that he’s calling it a visual. And that it was released exclusively on his Facebook fan page for the first 24 hours. Fuck you’s to convention left and right here.

Check out the video after the jump.
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The Dallas Cowboys finished the 2012 season with an 8-8 record, once again missing the playoffs. However, this team has high hopes for the 2013-2014 season.

Most of the Cowboys offseason moves this year were made on the coaching staff; signing Monte Kiffin to be their defensive coordinator and giving the play calling responsibilities to offensive coordinator Bill Callahan.

As far as players go, Dallas is returning almost their entire team from 2012, but have added safety Will Allen and linebacker Justin Durant to the mix.

The team did not lose any key contributors from last year.

Head coach Jason Garrett is on the hot seat in 2013, and the only way to save his job will be to lead this team back to the playoffs. Here is the Cowboys 2013-2014 season preview. Read the rest of this entry »