Unless you are Amish (in which you’re totally getting shunned for reading this; I hope it’s worth it), you have either seen or heard about the twerking incident and Taylor Swift’s choice words for Harry Styles at the VMAs on Sunday. Being a pop culture junkie, I wanted to give this a few days and see how long it would take for the powerful Cyrus flame to be extinguished. This flame is apparently making the Olympic torch look like a tealight in the wind because everyone and their second cousins are still tweeting, Instagramming, posting on Facebook, and relaying new memes of this on a daily. Taylor’s immature antics have fallen to the wayside a bit, but I think this is cause for a little comparison. If the opportunity ever presents itself, would you pick Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift?

Let’s take a quick look at Taylor Swift. I should probably state that I cannot stand this bitch. My personal opinions aside here, she needs help and may be beyond saving. This girl is certifiably nutty. In my opinion, she gives Amanda Bynes a run for her money in the 5k of Crazytown. I never was a fan of Swizzle, so maybe I’m biased, but I do have some of her crappy songs hidden in my iTunes, so I think that’s enough to voice my opinion. This girl publicly dates other celebrities, then they publicly break up, and she writes and sings songs about them and their terribleness. This is all bad enough. And then she conducts herself like an absolute brat at the VMAs. 1 Direction, the band of her former boytoy Harry Styles, is on stage presenting, and this happens.swizgif

What a mature young lady. They broke up in January, and only dated a few months. Calm your cookies Swiz, he wasn’t even acknowledging you. Definition of crazy bitch.

This brings me to what is sure to be an unpopular opinion. If I was a guy or a lesbian, I would take Miley and her twerk addiction over Swizzle and her attention issue all day, every day. There are drug references in Miley’s music, but that doesn’t stop us from subliminally singing along (and we caaaaan’t stoooop, and we wooooon’t stoooop). In my pop culture experience, it looks like it’s easier for celebrities to clean up a drug related image than it is to reform thoughts about a man-hating, attention-grubbing, woman child. While Miley may be a little a little raunchy and hepatitis-y now, the minute she lets her bun nubbins loose and puts on a flattering outfit, she’s hot again.


No contest here, folks. Miley>Swizzle

(Possibly irrelevant, but I totally think Swizzle a minx in the sheets. Why else would these guys be lining up when they know the stakes?)


  • Kelli

    My theory is TSwift is holding out on them and they all date her so they can be the first. But then they get tired of waiting and break up with her.

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