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The ride is over. After 6 seasons of momentarily breathing lapses, anxiety attacks, cardiac arrests, and epinephrine shots to revive me from points of near death, it’s finally over. You would think that after reading that last sentence, I’d be glad that Breaking Bad is finally over. You’d be wrong. I regret nothing about watching. You have to understand that even though the show made me feel upset or made me anxious, at least I was feeling. At the end of the day, isn’t that when you are most alive? When you are feeling….something…..anything? Even if it’s a sense of dread, sadness, anger, et cetera. It doesn’t matter. You are the most alive at that moment. Walter alluded to that in his talk with Skyler on why he didn everything. That’s what makes certain things special and important to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re with a person, doing something or even if it’s just watching a television program. If it makes you feel something….anything….it’s special. And Breaking Bad is a special television show.  Read the rest of this entry »


Thanks to the good people at Gillette, I had a chance to interview ESPN Sport’s Science host John Brenkus. Brenkus seemed like a cool guy, and it was obvious that he loves his job.

Check out this exclusive Total Sports Blog interview with that man that loves sports, AND science.

Mike Lucas: “What’s up guys this is Mike Lucas from Total Sports Blog. On the line today we have John Brenkus, the host of ESPN’s Sport Science. We want to thank the good people at Gillette for setting this up. How are you doing today John?”

John Brenkus: “I’m doing good Mike how about yourself?”

ML: “I’m doing good. Let’s get started. So you’ve teamed up with Gillette to launch the all new Precision Play of the Week Activation on Facebook, can you tell us a little about that?”

JB: “In shaving and in sport, precision makes the difference, and I’m here to help Gillette show that difference to the world. To give fans the chance to test their own precision when it comes to football, Gillette is launching a “Precision Play of the Week” trivia game on Facebook, where I will provide a scientific breakdown of one of the prior week’s best plays. Fans will be invited to answer a question related to the play for the chance to win various prizes, with the grand prize being a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII in New York. Read the rest of this entry »

Justin Heiman/Getty Images

Justin Heiman/Getty Images

Jimmie Johnson made the 2013 Chase for the Sprint Cup interesting again.

Johnson held off his Hendrick Motorsports teammate, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., down the stretch to win for a record eighth time at Dover International Speedway.

The win helped him pull within eight points of points leader Matt Kenseth.  Read the rest of this entry »

1150333_10151875916007422_33190919_nWith a qualifying lap of 22.243 seconds, 161.849 mph, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has captured the Coors Light Pole Award for Sunday afternoon’s AAA 400 from Dover International Raceway.

Friday afternoon’s pole is the second of the 2013 season for the driver of the No. 88 Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorspots.

“The car has been excellent all day long,” Earnhardt said. “The car has been a whole lot of fun to drive.

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Hasn’t Kanye West learned to proofread his tweets? After Jimmy Kimmel parodied his recent interview with BBC 1, Kanye went absolutely bonkers. Kimmel didn’t really make fun of him as much as he just repeated what he said, because it was pretty hysterical on its own. Below is one of the pictures tweeted by Kanye, and check out the full video and tweets after the jump.


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Earlier this week, Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant were back in the headlines for a little dispute they had on Twitter. But in reality, the whole “fight” got blown way out of proportion, and may be the most overrated twitter fight of all time.

This whole “fight” started earlier this week when Kevin Durant said in an interview that James Harden should replace Wade in the NBA’s Top 10 players list.

Wade responded to hearing this news with: Read the rest of this entry »



As Earl let us know immediately after our MTV Rivals 2 Fantasy draft, Emily is an elite athlete and a force to be reckoned with on the MTV Real World/Road Rules Challenge circuit.  The Cross-Fit coach and founder of Unleashed Fitness is in ridiculous shape, and is an absolute Total Sports Babe.  Check out some photos of Emily in this weeks edition of Total Sports Babes:

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Metallica Through The Never

Ever since I heard “Nothing Else Matters” when I was in 7th grade, Metallica has coursed through my veins. Over 20 years later, Metallica: Through The Never, made those juices flow once again.

Metallica: Through The Never, was my first IMAX 3D experience. I never really felt like spending nearly $20 to see a movie. But since I haven’t seen Metallica in concert since high school, I figured for the fraction of a concert ticket I’d give it a shot. There has been a lot of internet pub for this movie and to be honest, I was really fired up to see what a concert/movie experience would be like.
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There’s a video of a bitch woman snatching a ball from a little girl at a Houston Astros game making the rounds on the internet.  I’ve seen people share it on Twitter and Facebook as if it just happened.  The thing is, there’s a chance you’ve already seen this video on MySpace as it’s from a 2011 game.  It’s still terrible, though, and this woman should live in infamy forever.  Check out the video here: Read the rest of this entry »

Jesse Pinkman One Sorry Individual

Just like all of you Breaking Bad junkies out there, I have been scouring the interewebs all week, looking for as much as I could grasp onto before the last episode on Sunday night. Everyone has been wondering what is going to happen to Walter White? Well, I’m glad someone cared enough about what has already happened to Jesse Pinkman.

I came across this awesome video from this afternoon. For any Breaking Bad fan, this is one incredible compilation of what has happened to Jesse Pinkman from the inception.
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