Break out your banjo and gather ’round the campfire for another folk music fest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  Seriously, the music in the opening and closing credits has gotten on my nerves.  Other than that, this was actually another decent episode (woo-hoo!  2 in a row!).  In Season 4 Episode 15 “Us”, we learn a lot about the guy with the mullet, a new set of rules to live by (claim!), and finally make it to Terminus! 

This episode let us know what’s up with everyone except for Tyreese, Karol, and Beth (who’s still taken, by the way).  The ginger soldier, the guy with the mullet, their way-too-hot-for-the-apocalypse female friend, Glenn, and Tara are walking (guess where?) on the railroad tracks.  They find a sign with a message written for Glenn by Maggie, and the former pizza delivery boy takes off like he’s got to get to her in 30 minutes or less.  Eventually the rest of the group gets tired and wants to stop and rest for a while, but Glenn convinces them to keep going after one of the coolest walker self-inflicted kills of all-time.

h/t and @ZProphet_MMA

h/t and @ZProphet_MMA


Meanwhile, Daryl is having a rough time fitting in with his new “pals”.  One of them in particular doesn’t take too kindly to Daryl, and tries to claim a rabbit they both shoot after Daryl had been tracking the critter all morning.  “Claim” is one of the rules this band of survivalists live by, which means whenever you want something you just say “claim”, and it’s yours as long as no one else had claimed it first.  Daryl and the other dude almost come to blows (or stabs, as Daryl reached for his knife) before the grey haired guy gets between them, and explains the rules as he cuts the rabbit in half.  

Glenn and his group eventually come up on another note from Maggie, this time painted on the entrance of a dark tunnel.  The mullet guy and his people aren’t down with going into a dark tunnel filled with walkers, and they split ways.  Tara stays with Glenn as the others go find a new whip.  They stroll up on a minivan with a walker inside, but there’s gas in it and it starts, so they’ve found their new ride.  Mullet-man demands to be the navigator, and tells the woman to drive in a 3/4 circle that brings them back to the railroad tracks.  He’s timed it so if Glenn and Tara had gotten through the tunnel safely, they’d be meeting them on the other side, but Glenn and Tara had a little trouble in the tunnel.

A little ways into the darkness, they see some walkers covered in rubble as the roof of the tunnel has caved in on them.  Glenn immediately starts checking them 1 by 1 to see if any of them are Maggie, and of course they’re not.  As they try to push through the horde and get to the other side of the tunnel, Tara slips on her already bum ankle (see falling walker GIF above), and a rock traps her in there.  She tells Glenn to leave her, but good-guy Glenn could never do that so he uses the rest of his ammo on as many walkers as possible.  Just when he runs out and it looks like they’re toast, the calvary comes and shoots up the rest of the reanimated corpses.  It’s the mullet guy, ginger, their friend, and Maggie/Sasha/Bobby!  They’ve found each other!

While this episode is mainly a Glenn and crew/Dayle episode, we do get a glimpse of Rick, Carl, and Michonne, albeit brief.  They’re walking along (you guessed it) the railroad tracks, eating candy and having a good old time.  They figure they’re about a day away from Terminus.  The candy scene, seemingly random at the time, comes into play later as Daryl and his group walk along the same tracks later in the episode.  Before that happens, though, Daryl and the guy he fought over the rabbit with get into it again.  This time, the guy claims Daryl stole his half of the rabbit while he was sleeping, as it turns up in Daryl’s bag.  The dude planted it there, and catches a life ending beatdown as the others “teach him”.  You see, the group of survivalist doesn’t like liars, and the old man saw him plant the rabbit in Daryl’s bag.  They beat the guy to death, and move on.  When they’re walking down the tracks, they come across a Terminus sign and Daryl asks about it.  The old man seems to know about it, and says it’s too good to be true.

Maggie, Glenn and everybody see Terminus as a light at the end of the tunnel, though, as they make it to the gated but unguarded place only to be greeted by a woman cooking some BBQ.  I’ve got a bad feeling about Terminus, as the scenes from next week’s The Walking Dead would suggest.  If I had to bet on it, I’d say they’re walking into a community of cannibals.

h/t Fansided & @ZProphet_MMA

h/t Fansided & @ZProphet_MMA


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