Photo courtesy of WWE

Photo courtesy of WWE

I started watching WWE again in January 2008 and don’t think I’ve been as entertained with WWE as I have been the last 2 days. Apparently the American public agrees with me. Last night’s Raw had the highest TV rating since July 2012. Wrestlemania 30 and the Raw after were both great shows and tonight we had Main Event. The only match announced for tonight was The Shield vs. The Wyatt’s.

Outside of the shows, there are starting to be rumblings of an Evolution reunion & Corporate Kane vs. The Shield & Daniel Bryan. This feud can be absolute magic if it were to be carried out. There are rumors that a potential matchup could end in a War Games style match at Extreme Rules. They’ve been hinting at it with Triple H using the word “war” multiple times on Raw last night and the Shield used it in an in-ring interview after their match tonight. We’ll see how this potential feud carries out, but a match with or without the War Games stipulation will be great either way. Onto the show:

Quick Results:
· The Shield defeated The Wyatt’s by pinfall
· Jack Swagger defeated Dolph Ziggler by submission
· Alexander Rusev defeated Sin Cara by submission

· There was a person in the crowd bah-ing like a sheep to the Wyatt’s that was funny for the first two times, not the next ten.
· Ambrose hit Rowan with his finisher for the victory
· Seth Rollins really stood out this match
· Dean Ambrose excellently sold a rib injury after the match when Renee Young interviewed The Shield after the match.
· Crazy to think that Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger is a match between two former World Heavyweight Champions
· Dolph Ziggler tapped out to the Patriot Lock
· You have to assume it’s going to be Cesaro vs. Swagger at Extreme Rules and I’m hoping that we can see some back and forth promos between Paul Heyman and Zeb Colter
· About time that there was finally a Sin Cara match without the Sin Cara lighting around the ring
· This was a 1 minute squash match with Sin Cara tapping to Rusev’s camel clutch finisher

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