This is the Monday Night Raw Recap. This contains spoilers!


Roman Reigns defeated Rybaxel in a handicap match via disqualification

Seth Rollins defeated RVD via pinfall

Jack Swagger defeated Cesaro via submission

Eva Maria defeated AJ via pinfall after distraction from Paige

Heath Slater defeated Dolph Ziggler via countout after distraction from The Miz

Randy Orton defeated Sheamus via pinfall


Opening Raw with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman instead of The Authority was a breath of fresh air and his shirt did make me chuckle.

I don’t think anybody does but Paul Heyman really cannot be taken for granted and he is going to be truly missed when the day comes that he is finished with WWE.

Just when you thought nothing could be worse than Demon Kane…the return of Corporate Kane

Rough promo from Roman Reigns huh?

Dean Ambrose is one of the hottest characters in WWE and him jumping out of the present was predictable but still enjoyable


Nothing like a cheating storyline to get people to buy the WWE Network. I was worried they would involve Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan’s marriage into a storyline a few months ago when Randy Orton beat up Daniel Bryan in front of Brie. Looks as bad as I imagined. I guess the silver lining here is Daniel Bryan is still involved in storylines while being injured. I still think Nikki ends up turning on Brie.


Here’s a quick summary of the segment for anyone who missed it (credit to reddit user Red33176ytv):

An hour and a half into raw there had only been 3 matches and Hulk Hogan’s birthday celebration hadn’t happened yet.

Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho was good for what it was. Accomplished what it needed to and sold their match.

I wonder how much money could’ve been won on a bet that Eva Marie would pin AJ in a match in 2014. Good promo from Paige after the match and at least AJ beat up Eva Marie after the match.

Cena’s promo was decent but unfortunately these types of promos from Cena happen every few months nowadays.

The segment was good the first time Steph McMahon got arrested but at this point this is overkill. This was a good storyline going into Summerslam considering it was a divas storyline but all momentum was killed tonight.

The spot with the RKO off the top rope is always a cool move.

Unfortunately there are times in wrestling where people don’t get appreciated while they’re still here so although Hulk Hogan’s birthday is gimmicky, it is nice to show appreciation for him while he’s still here.

ho kogan

Nicely done ending and it wasn’t overdone.

Tweets of the Night:



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