I enjoyed NBA2K14 at first.  So much so that I wrote a couple of articles about it on this site trying to help others get as much free VC as possible, and succeed in MyTEAM Domination Mode.  But after playing NBA2K14 for months on end, I grew tired of it.  The MyNBA2K14 mobile app became a huge distraction in my life.  Online play was just an exploitation of glitches (I routinely made at least 1 of the opponents players foul out by halftime by taking charges).  And don’t get me started on the fluctuating prices of team packs in MyTEAM mode, and the couple hundred thousand VC I spent on Miami Heat packs only to get about 9 Chris Andersen cards and ZERO LeBron, Wade, or Bosh cards.

About 3 weeks ago, I swore off NBA2K14.  Sold it on eBay for like $16, happy to get anything out of it at all.  I had no plans to buy NBA2K15 at all, but then this happened:

That's Ronnie2k. Not me.  I don't have the game yet

That’s Ronnie2k. Not me. I don’t have the game yet

3D face mapping for MyPlayer.  Holy shit.

Now I realize I’m 30 years old, and by many peoples standards “too old for video games”, but believe it or not I don’t live in my parent’s basement and have actually had sex with women before.  I have a well-paying job, work out regularly, and only play video games a couple of hours a week during my down time, if at all.  But like I said before, holy shit.  3D face mapping for creating a player?  I’ve been waiting my whole video gaming life for this.

When I play a video game and have to create a character, I go all out trying to make one in my spitting image.  The Nintendo Wii version I made of myself was on point.  My wrestler for WWE Legends on PS3?  Fucking exactly like me, down to the fivehead.  I even made that wrestler with jeans and a polo shirt like I wear to work 5 days a week, just to keep it as authentic as possible.  But MyPlayer for NBA2K14? Dude looked nothing like me.  The customization on that game was garbage, and there was nothing I could do about it.  NBA2K15 is going where no game has gone before, and I just had to pre-order it.


I’d buy this game just to see what the digital version of me looks like, but the NBA2K people decided to throw in the “KD MVP Bonus Pack” for people who pre-order the latest version of the game before its October 7 release.  The Bonus Pack includes various digital goodies, giving you a leg up from the get-go:

  • 5,000 Virtual Currency
  • Kevin Durant Throwback MyTeam Card
  • Two MyTeam Card Packs
  • MyPlaver Leg Sleeves inspired by Kevin Durant

The Kevin Durant Throwback MyTeam Card is easily the most valuable digital item in this Bonus Pack.  If NBA2K15 is anything like NBA2K14, it is an incredible pain in the ass to get a good MyTeam player card.  Starting off with one of the best players in the game, it’s almost necessary to pre-order this game if you want to do well right away in MyTeam mode.

I’m looking forward to playing this game, and I hope it doesn’t lose its luster like the previous version.  If they cleaned up the glitches, it should be an awesome game, as basketball video games are generally some of the most fun with unlimited replay value.  Check back here on October 8th to see what the digital NBA2K15 version of me looks like.


So my first attempt at scanning my face was brutal. A complete failure.  An abomination, if you will.  I feel like the MyPlayer over my shoulder was whispering in my ear “kill…me…”



So for my second attempt, I tried a few things differently.  I shaved.  I took my shirt off (I feel like the glow from the red was messing things up a bit).  And I moved my head EXTREMELY slow as I turned it from left to right.  The outcome (after adding hair, of course) was legit:



What do you think?  Does MyPlayer look like me?