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By now you’ve probably heard of the movie ‘Ronda Arouseme’, the porn parody about MMA superstar Ronda Rousey. If you haven’t you’ve probably been living under a rock, because it’s been everywhere.

We here at TSB were lucky enough to take a few minutes out of the star’s, Kleio Valentien, super busy schedule to get to know her a bit.

We cover everything from her life before the adult industry to what she do on a date with Ronda Rousey…

TSB: Before we get into the porn parody, tell us about yourself: how long
have you been in the adult industry?

Kleio Valentien: Before I got into the industry I worked as a Vet Tech during the day, and at night I bar-tended. I was only shooting porn a handful of times a year and was still working my regular job. Including that time, it has been 6 years.

TSB: Anyone (18 and over of course) who Googles you will notice your tattoos, is that something that you had before porn?

KV: Yes, I had tattoos before porn. I starting getting tattooed when I turned 18.

TSB: On to ‘RondaArouseMe: Grounded and Pounded’…how were you approached for this project?

KV: Joanna Angel [creator of adult website] called me up and said, “Hey, I’m making a Ronda Rousey parody, Do you want to play Ronda?”  I was stoked, to say the least!

TSB: I think there’s some resemblance, between you and Ronda Rousey, but was that a big factor in casting? Your fitness level certainly must have helped.

KV:  I do not think it was a huge factor. I think Joanna cast me as Ronda because of my interest in MMA. She also knew I was a Ronda Rousey fan.  I have seen people say that because I am tattooed I look nothing like her, but whatever Joanna/BurningAngel shoots will have tattooed girls, regardless of what the person looks like in real life.  Also, I think when my hair is up in buns I have a slight resemblance to her! haha

TSB: Were you a fan of MMA/Ronda Rousey before the movie?

KV: I grew up watching boxing with my grandfather, then started watching Pride. Cro Cop was my favorite fighter. I started watching UFC eventually. My favorite fighters are Andrei Arlovski and of course Royce Gracie. I first saw Ronda Rousey fight in Strikeforce against Sarah D’Alelio and really fell in love with her as a fighter.

TSB: Did you do any research about her in preparation for the role? Did you incorporate any MMA/fighting/boxing to your workouts (if they weren’t a part of it already)?

KV: I really didn’t have any time to prepare for the role as Ronda Rousey but I have always been active and love working out. We did have a person on set who helped with choreographing the fights.

TSB: Around the time of her last fight is when I, and I’m sure many others, heard about the parody film…has your life changed at all? Are you noticed more in public?

KV: Things suddenly changed for me when all of the press came out about the movie, I had friends that I grew up with saying they saw the my photo on TMZ. I also got stopped in airports and have people ask me about the movie or just tell me they’re excited to see it.

TSB: There was lots of mainstream coverage about the film, what’s the craziest interview request/tweet/shout out you got so far?

KV: I really haven’t had anything weird or crazy happen other than a few people saying Ronda will rip my arm off because I’m playing her in a porn.

TSB: Then there’s the famous Reddit AMA question and answer from Ronda herself (, what did you think about it?

KV: I always thought Ronda was an amazing woman, but after I saw what she wrote about the film it made me even more impressed with her and her great attitude towards it.

TSB: What are you feelings on Ronda’s message to other women about body image?

KV: I love that she embraces her body! There are always going to be people who will find something mean to say about others. Being as popular and famous, like she is, makes it inevitable to have people judge you. I love that she doesn’t give a second thought about what others say.

TSB: I also read that you want to go out on a date with her. Since we like to believe Ronda reads this blog daily, what would be your ideal date with the MMA star?

KV: Netflix and chill

TSB: How long could you last in the octagon with Ronda?

KV: haha! no comment.

TSB: After a Googling you (safe search off, of course), I found your IMDB page (which we’ll link to). I noticed a few other parody roles: ‘Batman vs Superman XXX’, ‘The Craft XXX’ and ‘The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody’.

Do you enjoy these parody roles? Is it way to keep your job fun?

KV: I really enjoy them! It is really nice to get to play someone else and really get into the character. I got to play Harley Quinn in Batman VS Superman XXX, which was SO rad. I played Andrea in The Walking Dead A Hardcore Parody as well. Check both of those movies out!

TSB: Lastly, where can our readers follow you on social media and what’s next for Kleio Valentien?

KV: You can follow me on Twitter/Instagram @KleioValentien. There is always new things that is coming out so ya will just have to follow me to see it! You can also go to my online store: Thank you for your support! It means so much to me!

There you have it folks, the star of ‘Ronda Arouseme’, is just like many of us…an huge MMA and Ronda Rousey who just want Netflix and Chill.

Thanks again to Kleio for putting her crazy life on hold to answer a few questions and those of you who are 18 and older, check it out and let us know what you think!

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