The good people at Damage Control reached out to us and asked if we’d try out one of their mouthguards.  We did one better.  We had a local amateur boxer try it out.  While we love contact sports at TSB, we also love our grills, and Damage Control helps you keep all them pearly whites.


Quality: A+
Comfort: B+
Value: B
Overall: A-
Damage Control offers high impact, extreme impact, and custom mouthguards.  For this review, our boxer trialed the extreme impact watermelon mouth guard.  He chose this particular style because he thought using a mouthguard with “less than intimidating” graphics would be funny.  This particular mouthguard was thicker than ones he’s used in the past, but when you’re taking punches to the face it’s probably a good idea to have some added protection.
DC has a ton of different graphics and styles, many of which are very intimidating and badass.  If you’re serious about your contact and/or combat sports, you’ll definitely want to check out the wide array of styles they have on their website.  With prices ranging from $19.99 for high impact, $29.99 for extreme impact, all the way up to $199 for custom mouthguards.  DC’s products don’t run cheap, but their quality is second to none.

Damage Control has a really cool logo and their packaging has great curb appeal.  It helps that they put out a high quality product, too.  Local Chicago amateur boxer “La Jirafa” went a couple of rounds with the DC Mouthguard in place, and here’s what he had to say about it:
“I’ve been using the guard for a few weeks for sparring.  I’m helping a friend train for golden gloves.  He’s a heavyweight and the kind of guy that does not know how to tone it down in practice.  First of all, after probably 25 rounds wearing the guard I’ve taken more solid hits than I would like to admit, but I still have all my teeth.  The guard is bigger than others that I’ve used and fits very snugly after I boiled it.  It feels like a suction cup when you put it on, in a good way.  The watermelon graphics are less than intimidating but they do make me giggle and for those concerned about looking soft- they have solid colors and other tougher looking designs. It comes with a hard plastic case which is ventilated so the guard is dry each time I use it.   Overall solid product.”
I asked La Jirafa if he would ever purchase a $29.99 mouthguard on his own, and he replied “not until trying this one out.”  Mouthguards generally don’t last long, so it can be difficult for most amateur athletes to justify paying top dollar for one, but the quality product Damage Control puts out makes it worth it.
The extreme impact boil and bite mouthguard comes in 24 different standard graphics, ranging from intimidating teeth to flowers.  Yes, you can get a mouthguard with flowers on it at the same place you can purchase one with fangs.  Some notes from DC on their extreme impact mouthguards:

Includes Built in Reinforcement Pads, Mouthguard Case and a $15,000 Limited Dental Warranty

Most comfortable, best fitting and protective boil and bite mouthguard.

Extreme sports need extreme protection. Our Extreme Impact Mouthguards are made out of Damprotech™ material.  Damprotech™ is a  damping material that is 150% more shock absorptive than the material used by most mouthguard companies.

The Extreme Impact Mouthguard is fabricated with a two part process with built in Damping Pads. These reinforcement pads add extra protection to your teeth and jaw.

Again, we highly recommend these mouthguards. They’re La Jirafa approved, and that’s as high as an endorsement as TSB can offer.