Basketball is one of the most exciting games that bettors love to speculate. This is the kind of game that provides ample opportunity to put wagers. The volatile and unpredictable nature of the game adds a lot to the excite-o-meter and provides ample challenging situation to make money from. NBA, therefore, is one of the top choices for betting and there are certain clearly defined ways of betting one should know before taking the plunge. Here is a detailed list of all the betting ways that every NBA bettor requires knowing to make money assuredly.


When the two teams are pitted against each other, you can bet on the total number of goals that will be scored by both the teams combined on the given day. You choose to pick ‘Over’ or ‘Under’ on a Total displayed. When the two teams are strong, the total number of goals scored hovers mostly around 200, as lots of goals are expected to be scored from both the sides. Over is chosen rarely and is considered only when both the teams are known for playing a high score game. But, most of the times, under yields result in the bettor’s favor, as it rarely happens that team of equal strength get a chance to play against one another.


The spread is used when you want to make money by predicting the outcome of the game between the two teams. You, as an NBA enthusiast, have all the knowledge about the best and the worst teams. So, you can place the bet in the favor of the win/loss of the team out of the matchup you select and by how many points. The spread is all about the number of points by which the team will win/lose. When two teams of equal caliber are competing, the spread is like -3 or -5. But, when a very strong team is all set to take on a very weak team, then the outcome is pegged at somewhere near 13. This means the weaker team is speculated to lose by 13 points or so.

Quarter/1st Half Lines

NBA betting allows you to bet upon the portions of the games too. Every team has a pattern in their way of playing. Some perform better in the first half or first quarter, while others emerge champs in the second half or quarter. The 1st half lines or quarter pays good when you bet upon an underdog who is likely to play better at the start of the game but loses control over it by the time end comes. This is quite an unsafe bet and has very unpredictable outcomes.


Moneyline is used when you choose to predict the winner of the game. It yields fabulous returns if you bet on and underdog team and it wins. You can win average if you pick the winner as the stronger team to put your wage upon. How moneyline is carried by a team gives you a fair idea about its performance. But, it can be quite risky at times. For example, a team carries moneyline of -$600, then to win back $100, you have to put $600 on a bet. The outcome is certainly not worth risk taking.

Moneyline pays handsome when underdog team is in the question. You bet for less, and the probability of winning is higher as well as the amount is bigger.


Parlay allows you to combine two bets when you are confident of their results. It also offers a way to spread the risk over two bets whereby combining two bets, you lose fewer bucks. One can combine any of the moneylines or quarter lines or have two of the same category to increase the amount of winning amount.

Player Props

NBA facilitates best betting offers by allowing you to bet on the individual performance of the players too. You can bet on the player points, rebounds, again and any other moves that the player is likely to make during the game. This is more like predicting the future and you win more when the underdog performs better than expected.


This is quite similar to Player Props, but takes into account the final outcome of the game. Generally, it is used to make cash by predicting the losing team. What will go down in the future makes the premise of the best. The worse the team is, the better are the output when it wins. Thus, the bettor can make money by speculating on the title winner, on those who will make it to the playoffs and other similar instances.

NBA betting is a money minting machine for those who have followed the game with full passion. Every part of the game spells money-making opportunity, the only skill a person needs to have is to read the mood of the tournament and have a keen eye for details in the news floating around.